Obsessed: Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory’s been on for years, and I’ve been into it for years. But now that ShAmy’s relationship is mega serious (Amy broke up with Sheldon right before he’d planned to propose, she dated a few people, then Sheldon declared his love for her and they got back together) I’m waaaaayyyy into it.


Apparently last night’s episode is about Sheldon and Amy finally… “getting physical.” I’m gonna watch it today. I’ll be surprised if they actually, er, go the distance. Either way it’ll be funny, though. And one of my favorite comedians, Bob Newhart, is guest-starring again. (If you’ve never seen The Bob Newhart Show, you’re missing out.)

I don’t have much to say today. I’ve got the flu and can’t really think through the chills and aches. But I hope you all have a great weekend!


Obsessed: Foyles’ Christmas Ad


I don’t know if you can read that. If not, it says:

“It’s a time machine
It’s a beautiful place
It’s a friend
It’s a message
It’s a talking point
It’s a teacher
It’s a guide
It’s a life changer
It’s a journey
It’s a pleasure

It’s a Book”

I bet at least one of those phrases rings true for every single book-lover out there.

When I was little, without brothers or sisters, books were friends. Now that I’m older, they’re time machines. The good ones impart provocative messages. The great ones change your life. From front cover to back, you’re taken on a journey. Dropped in the middle of beautiful places. Profound teachings and guidance are sometimes disguised in pages of fantasy or romance. Good or bad, they’re an inexhaustible talking point. And always a pleasure. This has got to be my favorite ad ever. And its relevance is timeless; no matter the season, I’m always excited to dig into a new book (or back into an old one).

Warm fuzzies…this ad gives me all of ’em ๐Ÿ™‚

Pre-departure Montage

What up?

I’ll be heading back to the good ole US of A tomorrow (EDIT: for the holidays; not permanently!) and am STILL preparing, so instead of a week of normal posts, I’m going to give you everything at once. I’ll be visiting with loved ones until the end of the month, so I’m not sure if next week will be back to normal posting or if I’ll just take that time to be away from my computer completely; we’ll see. In the meantime, here’s a week’s worth of posts in one!

Treat Yoself Tuesday: Brunch @ Darwin Brasserie

Susan and I went for the All Day Sunday Brunch at Darwin Brasserie, one of three eateries at the Sky Garden (which is inside the Walkie Talkie building at 20 Fenchurch Street). Walking into the restaurant, you pass a full to bursting cold buffet table with tons of eats, including salmon, bread, prawn salad, deli meats (prosciutto, ham, salami, and the like), fruit smoothies, and a dessert table covered in creme brulee, jam and chocolate-filled donuts, blueberry cheesecake, and other lovelies. In addition to taking your pick from the buffet table, you have a Bloody Mary bar (which we took advantage of — traditional for Susan; oyster & Chinese chili for me), a “milkshake” bar, a juice bar, and a hot dish of your choice from the kitchen. I went for the Beef Hash with fried egg; Susan went for the full English Breakfast. Susan enjoyed her full English (except for the black pudding). I would have enjoyed mine if not for the brown sauce mixed into the dish. They gave me a dish of brown sauce on the side in addition and honestly I would’ve preferred to just have it on the side — that way I could choose how much I wanted to use. Other than that though, the food was fantastic, and the after-brunch-views were of course spectacular. I’d love to go back to check out the garden more closely some day soon.


Writing Wednesday: What I’ve Read Lately

I have a habit of reading several books at once, but since I’ve only just had my Confirmation, I’ve only just started reading fiction again. As such, I’ve only finished 2 books so far.

Less Than Zero is Bret Easton Ellis’s first novel. He started writing it while he was still in highschool; finished it in college. He grew up in the Valley with rich friends who lived in the Hollywood Hills, so this novel about jaded college freshmen from LA with too much of everything definitely has details scoured from his own experiences (at least as far as the indiscriminate sex and drug use). For me, this book hit a little too close to home, not that I know what it’s like to grow up with rich, film industry big-wigs as parents in a Beverly Hills mansion; but it did remind me of what it can be like to be young in Los Angeles… in this case, not necessarily a good thing. Clay comes home for his winter break from an East Coast college and pretty much falls back into the life he had with his friends before he left. But his mindset’s shifted slightly, so the things his friends do (which escalate from “Oh, they’re just young” to “WTF?!”) don’t always sit well with him, especially as they get more and more outrageous. This is not a book for the faint of heart.

If you’ve read The Bone Clocks, the events of this story will be somewhat familiar to you as they take place within the same universe. This story has at its center a mysterious residence which becomes something different depending on who visits. The people in charge of it want one thing in particular, and will do anything to get it, including manipulating reality. I can’t say too much without giving vital things away, and I think the less you know going in (excluding what you may have gleaned from The Bone Clocks) the better.

As for what I’m in the process of reading, there’s The Loney (Andrew Michael Hurley), The Road to Little Dribbling (Bill Bryson), Lunar Park (Brett Easton Ellis), Never the Bride (Paul Magrs), and various comic books and graphic novels.

Travel Thursday: Heading “Home”

I told you all that the concept of “home” is sort of complicated for me. Well, I’m going back to the country of my birth this week XD Hahahaha. Sounds so formal and dumb when you say it like that. I’m going to a couple of cities to see some of my favorite people. The thing I’m looking forward to most is having an early Xmas with my mom ๐Ÿ˜€ (since we can’t spend the actual holiday together) We’re gonna eat everything in the world on Thanksgiving, watch our favorite movies/TV shows, decorate her tree, and exchange gifts. I’m super excited to give her her presents (and to eat her cooking again)!

The last time I visited the US, it felt really weird. Every morning I woke up anxious, thinking I had to get to work, before remembering that I don’t live there anymore. It’s f**kin weird going back to a place where you had a life when your current life is elsewhere. And it’s so easy to fall back into the same routine. Going to your favorite restaurants, watching your favorite stuff on TV, hearing people speak the way you remember (and regaining your accent for a while). But there’s also this feeling that everything you’re experiencing is somehow new, even though it isn’t. It’s crazy.


I love cartoons. A lot. One of my favs is Adventure Time. There’s one character that’s a computer — his name is BMO. He can walk around and talk and think independently. Recently, I fell back in love with an older episode where BMO has his own story apart from Finn and Jake. They go to a party and leave BMO home on his own. Finn’s pissed b/c he can’t find one of his socks, so BMO spends the whole episode pretending to be a Raymond Chandler-esque detective who finds out what happened to it. The voice actress who does BMO’s voice is Korean and she keeps her accent when she does his voice; his dialogue in this episode is also full ofย  misinterpretations of American/Western phrases from old detective novels. It’s hilarious and adorable. The video above is a preview of the episode from when it first came out. If I could post the episode in full, I would. But I can’t. So you should find it and watch it.

So that’s everything. I’ll probably say hello at some point while I’m away — on Twitter or in a post here. But for now, I’ll say: Have a great week, y’all!

The Perfect Day for Murder

It’s Friday the 13th.

And I’ve got just the thing for it. When I find a show I really like, I’ll binge-watch. Right now, I’m working on a show that first aired 18 years ago, called Midsomer Murders.

It follows a Detective Chief Inspector named Tom Barnaby who, with the help of his Sergeant Gavin Troy, solves grisly murders in small English villages in the (fictional) county of Midsomer. I’m only on Series 4 at the moment, but apparently John Nettles (who played DCI Barnaby) is only on for 13 (BOOO!!!) and the actor who plays Troy is on for even fewer than that! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Generally (at least in the episodes I’ve seen so far), the villages where the murders take place are affluent, as are many of the people involved (not ALL of them of course — there’ve gotta be haves and have-nots for the sake of tension). Despite dealing with some real jerks, Barnaby never loses his cool. He’s clever, honest, funny, observant, fair, and kind — but gets tough when people try to push him around. And even though I’d love it if he did sometimes (b/c some of those people deserve it), he doesn’t run around punching people in the face. He’s low-key, but he always gets his man (or woman as the case may be). He’s my new favorite TV detective (sorry Sherlock).

Ever watched Midsomer Murders? What shows are keeping you glued to the screen lately?

Sorry about the erratic posting this week.

Have a great weekend!

OBSESSED: Kid’s Costumes

It’s the day before Halloween!

I have fun memories of Halloween: trick-or-treating and trading candy, staying up all night watching scary movies, walking down the main street in my college town in costume in the freezing cold with my friends. While I don’t miss the overabundance of “slutty [noun]” costumes (“Sexy Ladybug”? Really?), I do miss stumbling across those folks with genius costumes in the midst of all the “sexy plumbers” and frat boys in those creepy bodysuits that cover your face.

It’s even more fun for me when brill parents pull out all the stops and make costumes for their kids that make the rest of us laugh our asses off. So, without further ado…D’AAAWWWWWWW! LOOK AT THESE CUTIES!

Static Cling

Laundry mishaps = Annoying. Tiny laundry mishaps = Adorable.

Crazy Cat Lady

…AKA me in about 5 years.

Easy Mac

This actually makes me mega nostalgic. But not for dressing up as pasta (though, those were some good times…)

Bacon & Egg

Because the only thing better than eggs is eggs and bacon worn by a small child.

Cruella de Vil (and a captured dalmation)

Looks like “Lucky’s” luck ran out…

A Paint Set

I love that the paintbrush is so much bigger than the tiny person holding it ๐Ÿ˜€

Army Guy

This one’s actually a little creepy (and reminds me of those damn bodysuits…).

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

C’mon, I HAD to put a book costume in here!


Because beard appreciation should begin at a young age.

and my favorite of all:

Rapunzel in her tower

One of the best things I’ve ever seen. XD


OBSESSED: Song of the Sea

Have you ever seen The Secret of Kells?

It’s a beautiful film set long ago about a boy named Brendan who lives in the walled up community of Kells among monks, poor folk, and his uncle, the Abbot Cellach. Brendan has never been outside the walls until the greatest illuminator of the age, Brother Aidan, comes to Kells and shows him the book he’s been working on. Brother Aidan sends Brendan beyond the walls for ink ingredients and Brendan discovers the beauty of the world outside, a beauty necessary to inspire his own illustrations as he trains to be Brother Aidan’s successor.

There’s a great deal more to the story, and the film itself is gorgeously animated. If you haven’t seen it, please do. I loved the film when I first saw it. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out the same filmmakers had later made another film inspired by Irish (and Scottish) legend called Song of the Sea.

The story begins with a lighthouse keeper and his family, who live on an island. His pregnant wife, Bronagh paints a mural of a selkie — a legendary creature who is human on the land, and a seal in the ocean — on a bedroom wall with their son, Ben, in preparation for the new baby who will soon arrive. But that night, Ben’s mother disappears, and his sister Saoirse shows up in her place. Six years later, Ben is still angry with Saoirse, who he bullies and blames for their mom’s disappearance. Their father, Conor, is depressed and goes out drinking every year on the anniversary of his wife’s disappearance. That night, the night of Saoirse’s 6th birthday, she finds a sealskin coat in her father’s closet and wanders into the ocean, becoming a seal. Conor’s mother, who’s visiting, finds Saoirse asleep on the shore in the middle of the night and decides once and for all to take the children to live in the city on the mainland where they’ll be safe. At first, the children try to make their way back to the island, but soon they get mixed up in a far bigger adventure.


Everything about this movie is beautiful, from the animation to the legends to the songs sung. Watch it to kick off your weekend with a bit of magic. (And speaking of magic, Brendan Gleeson aka “Mad-Eye” Moody lends his voice to the film, as Conor. He also voiced Abbot Cellach in The Secret of Kells.)

Happy Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

OBSESSED: How To Cake It!

I love food.


I also love watching people who are super talented at making food do their thing. Yolanda Gampp is one of those people. Her YouTube channel “How To Cake It” is full of fun video tutorials on making one of my favorite foods: cake (duh). My favorite thing about Yolanda’s cakes, though, is that most of them don’t look like cake. “How To Cake It” shows you how to turn things that aren’t cake into cake.


No, not like that.

She’ll show you how to make a cake that looks like, say, a giant sausage with sauerkraut and onion for Oktoberfest…

or macaroni and cheese…

or a giant jar of Vegemite.

She also cakes non-food items like books, clothing, and TV/movie characters like Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) and the minions from Despicable Me. While she’s baking, she wears cake-themed shirts that go with whatever she’s making in that video. (You can buy them from her website.)

She’s also hilarious to me. The stuff that would normally be considered “outtakes” are just part of the video, which makes them even more fun to watch. So go watch them! New uploads every Tuesday.

I’ll leave you with some brain cake for your pet zombie.

Happy almost-Halloween!



No, not like that.

I’m devoting Fridays to one thing — song, movie, clothing brand, teaspoon, blade of grass — that I’m loving at the moment. Today, it’s this:

If you haven’t heard, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams has covered Taylor Swift’s 1989. All of it. While the immediacy of T. Swift’s 80s pop aesthetic leaves you feeling like her heart was just broken yesterday, Ryan Adams’s version makes it all feel like a distant memory…but one that still stings. The personal biz he was going through at the time really lent itself to his take on the songs. Not one of them is what you’d expect. I love them all, but his version of “Out of the Woods” is my absolute FAVORITE. If you’re not a fan of Pop but you are into moody, Springsteen-ish rock, give this a go. The whole album is on Youtube.

Listen and be well.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all ๐Ÿ˜€