Writing Wednesday: The Return?

Hey hey hey, y’all!


I know I haven’t been here for quite a while but I got some requests for Writing Wednesday to be brought back (OK…I got one, but that still counts!) and after some consideration, I thought why not see how it feels to dip my toe back into the blogging world? I enjoyed connecting with people here. In fact, I really missed it. πŸ™‚ So how has everybody been?

As far as writing news, I’ve got some…(wait for it…): I FINISHED MY BOOK!


I actually finished it on August 30th around 7:30 pm BST. I thought for sure I’d be rolling around on the floor in tears as soon as I typed the last punctuation mark, but I actually didn’t know how to feel to be honest. I’ve given so much time to writing, developing, and thinking about those characters, their voices, and that world that when it was over, I felt spent and a little sad. The sadness was actually due in large part to the story not ending the way I thought it would. After I wrote what turned out to be the final words, I started to write more, towards the ending I’d had in mind for so long. But it felt wrong. I hit delete until I was back at what became the true ending, and I said (out loud) “This is how it ends?”


Just like many milestones reached by normal folk, there’s no fanfare. No party-hat-wearing weirdo jumps out of a closet to shower you in confetti and hand you a golden statuette to commemorate your achievement. It’s a day like any other. Except it’s not. You exist in a liminal space between triumph and disbelief because you’ve accomplished your goal but…how can it possibly be over? (And of course this process is nowhere near over. There’s still edits and revisions to make, agents to query, and lots more waiting to be done even after a publisher agrees to take on your project. But finishing the book is the most important step in the process. Without a finished product, none of that other stuff can happen. So this first step is momentous.)

Certain passages keep popping into my mind, sections I know I’ll choose to read if the novel is picked up and I’m invited to share it with others. In the meantime, though, I’ve put the novel away in order to focus on the critical part of my thesis (for any newbies, I’m currently in a Creative Writing PhD program, which my novel will be submitted as part of). I’ve been reading and rereading literary criticism having to do with the horror genre (which is where my novel fits). I’ll return to the novel in December to make my second pass, and in January I’ll (hopefully) be ready to start querying agents. This is all tentative, by the way. I also work in retail and we’re getting closer and closer to the worst time of the year so it’s only gonna get harder to stay on schedule, and I’ve missed all my self-imposed deadlines up to this point so I’m not exactly optimistic… But I’m gonna try!

In other not-news, I’m pumped for season 2 of Stranger Things and I’ve gotten waaaayyy into Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency in the last week (just in time for its season 2 premiere last weekend!). It’s so. Good. Please watch it if you’re into crazy sci-fi stories starring weirdos who have no idea what they’re doing. It’s the best ever. Really.


I hope you’re well! See you back here next week!

7 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: The Return?

  1. I am so freaking excited about this book. I am getting a first edition print autographed by the author (I mean, if she so agrees XD) and then I’ll need an ebook version too so I can actually read it. Because the autographed book police live in my house. 🀣

    I also love the idea that everyone has this party hat wearing creature sitting in their closet just waiting for the biggest moment of their life to jump out in celebration. That would make an excellent horror story. Like, if the creature jumped out on your six year old who’d just won a partiucarly menacing game of snap, then you’d freak the fuck out. Coz if that’s the biggest achievement of their life, chances are that means they’re going to die soon so they don’t have to opportunity to create bigger achievements.

    The Academy Awards would be hilarious. Just creatures jumping out all over the show.

    God I kinda want to write that tale now and I have no time 😭😭😭lol

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      • Right, I think I’ve thought of a way to break the system. I buy the book. I read the book. THEN you autograph it. NAILED IT, RIGHT?! Unless it’s a really big book. Is this gonna be handbag friendly, or is this a tome for the ages? Because while I’m happy to read it either way, lugging it around London with me is a whole other story. I’ve been inadvertently made to exercise by heavy books before. I still resent them a little πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

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