Some Stuff I’ve Learned…

Hi there.

I haven’t been here for a while. I’ve been working (retail — *screams*), writing, and living life.


I recently read some good writing advice in the Guardian. If you didn’t know, they have a weekly series on the highs, lows, & challenges different writers experience called “My Writing Day.” The latest installment was written by Maggie O’Farrell and includes some real gems, for instance:

“…you will need scaffolding to build your writing inside but must remember to take it down at the end.

It’s a solace, when you are cutting great swaths through your paragraphs, to think of them as a necessary but disposable part of construction. The tricky bit is working out what is scaffolding and what is brickwork.”

I’ve been working on finishing this book and every word has felt essential to me. But it’s absolutely true that some of it will be discarded, either by my say-so or by my editor’s/publisher’s. I’ve tried my best to make every word count, but in the end, not every word will be necessary. I’ve written what I believe a reader will need to know in order to understand this world I’ve created, but once I’ve finished the story and take a step back from it, some things will undoubtedly stand out as being superfluous.

The same is apparently true of people. Some you think are necessary, but in the end they’re only there for a season. They’re there to show you something you weren’t aware of. This all sounds pretty mysterious, doesn’t it? I’m just speaking in platitudes — don’t mind me.

I’ve been listening to great music (shout-out to Solange Knowles, Anderson.Paak, and Ry X … hooray for music that hits you in the heart with brass knuckles), and rediscovering great films (I went home for Thanksgiving and watched the LOTR trilogy on the plane for the first time in years. I bawled my friggin eyes out — SO good), and reading my buns off. If you haven’t, please check out Saga, Sweet Tooth, The Wicked + The Divine (if I could have a soulmate that wasn’t an actual tangible thing, it would be this story), and Black Hole — all of which are graphic novels. I’ve also been taking more risks lately; I’m trying to resurrect an older version of myself. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I may or may not make a triumphant return to this space. If I can come up with some stuff worth telling y’all, then I’ll be here sharing it. I hope you are well and living wonderful lives.

Happy Monday ❤

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