O is for Ouch…

Do any of you go through your day normally, and all of a sudden some mysterious new bruise catches your eye? WTF is that about?!


The latest.

The bruise shown above is actually far darker and uglier than it looks here. But since one of my light bulbs blew, my bedroom is like a cave so I had to stand right next to the window to get a photo that didn’t make it look like a sewage stain. The only reason I noticed it at all was because I was exercising in front of a mirror and the weird dark blotch I already have on that arm (from a bad burn when I was little) seemed to be in the wrong place. I stopped moving and got a good look. Then I poked at it. Then I scowled because I end up with a new one like every week. Am I sleep walking or something? (For the best real life sleepwalking story I’ve ever heard, please see Kristen’s post about her husband. I laughed so hard, I barked.)

It’d be fine if I were Kim Possible or some equally badass person whose life is so action-packed, I could logically forget having gotten random wounds.


But I’m not. I’m one of those boring people who can’t somersault across a six-lane highway, or scale buildings. I can barely cartwheel. And I’m cool taking the elevator. Is my skin leading a double life with another body? Maybe the O in today’s post should actually stand for “occult.”


Other than keeping an eye on my own carcass, I’m not up to much this weekend. Since I’ve heard so many good things about the new Captain America movie, I’ll probably go see that. And try to get some work done. I’ve hit a tricky bit in the story that’s been effing my brain up, so I need to spend some time working through it. What are you up to this weekend? I hope your skin stays unblemished.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “O is for Ouch…

  1. Ooh poor you. Bruising can be worse in women due to hormones and a shortage in vitamin K. (Found in leafy green vegetables, the uber-super food, broccoli, and my favourite, Brussel sprouts.). So my question is: Are you eating your greens?

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  2. OH god I always bruise my hips and legs and I never know how. Probably because I open doors with my arse and I accidentally smack myself when doing so. Either that or we’re being abducted by aliens nightly and harshly prodded. I wonder if we recognise each other in the star ship and have great conversations that are cruelly erased by the aliens when we leave. You’ve probably figured out that story problem already, the aliens just erased it. BOO!

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    • I was actually thinking about something similar to that! Do you watch Orphan Black? I was thinking of the first season when one of the clones saw video of herself being examined and monitored in her sleep in her bedroom. She’d had no idea. Maybe the aliens are slipping in at night and doing their poking. That or we have secret admirers who give mega love-bites.

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