The Sisterhood of World Bloggers

Hey there, everybody. My awesome blogger friend Frankie nominated me to be another link in this chain of blog posts responding to questions about being part of the craze-mazing blogging world, travel, and other biz. There are so many great lady bloggers out there, and I’m glad to be part of their world.


Thanks for the nom, Frankfurter!

Let’s get started!

Where is your all-time favorite destination?

I’ve spent most of my life wishing I was somewhere else. Nowhere was this truer than in Charlotte, NC. My mom and I moved there the summer before I started high school, and I spent all of high school AND college wishing I lived in New York or London or Narnia, or (almost) anywhere else. But after years of moving all over the place, and now that I do live in London, my favorite destination is my mom’s house in Charlotte, NC. I love how it feels to come home to the US after being away; I appreciate everything more when I come back. My favorite restaurants, being able to drive without fear, and the love I get from friends and family. Nothing like it.


Which post are you most proud of?

I am always most proud of the posts where I was able to be completely honest and got comments from folks who could relate. My most recent post of that kind is this one about what I hope to accomplish starting this year.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?

A squeal-worthy dinner party for me would include:
1) Neil Gaiman, because he’s an epic dude who writes inspiring, magical things.
2) Amanda Palmer, because she’s a bad-ass, independent artist who will leave me feeling empowered, AND because seeing the love between her and Neil Gaiman in person would fill me with all the warm fuzzies.
3) Amy Poehler, because she’s hilarious and her book felt so honest and made me feel like it’s beyond acceptable to be me.
4) Toni Morrison, b/c she is a writing god and I want her amazing intelligence to rub off on me.
5) James Baldwin, for the exact same reason.
6) Donna Tartt, because I want to lick the pages of the books she’s written.
7) Zadie Smith, because she knows how to get right to the root of things.
8) Rebecca Sugar, b/c she’s adorable, mega talented, and has created one of the best animated shows I’ve ever seen. (Please watch Steven Universe)
9) Leonard Nimoy, b/c he brought Spock to life like no one else could’ve, and b/c he was passionate about so many things. I also have a crush on young Leonard Nimoy. Just sayin’.
10) Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls, b/c she always puts a smile on my face. Technically, she’s neither living nor dead, but I needed a number 10 to round things out and Mabel wins at everything.


Do you have a favorite travel app?

Not really, but I do have a favorite app to use while traveling. WhatsApp is a life-saver whenever I’m in another country and can’t call people normally b/c it would cost me a billion dollars to do so. I love that being out of range of my network doesn’t have to mean being cut off from everyone I know.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is that I’ve made new friends here because of it. I also love being able to communicate with/get to know the bloggers I haven’t met in person yet through their blogs. My least favorite thing is the pressure I feel to post things, which can lead to me posting content I’m not thrilled about just for the sake of posting something. But that’s mostly an in-my-own-head sort of thing (and honestly, I put that kind of pressure on myself in most aspects of my life). I’m gradually getting better at giving myself a break, though.

Is there anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?


Eating the food a country or state is known for is my favorite way of getting to know a new place. I love good food, and I love trying new food.

Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of, but ended up loving?

When I studied abroad in Scotland my senior year of college, I attended a cèilidh (kay-lee) — a traditional Gaelic party that involves lots of dancing. Heading there, I just knew I’d spend the whole night embarrassed, in a corner, hating myself. I ended up having a blast. Everyone dances together, and since most of the people there were international students, we had to learn together how to do each dance, and it was so much fun. I came out of there sweaty, tired, and proud.

What’s your pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is when people are inconsiderate. From not holding the door for someone, to cutting in front of someone, to being a terrible listener. Personally, the worst one is when someone cuts me off while I’m talking. I don’t talk much anyway when I’m around people I don’t know well, but when I do, I appreciate being listened to. I love listening to other people — it’s how I get to know them. So when a person interrupts or talks over me, it makes me feel for a nanosecond like I’m not worth knowing. It was the biggest bummer of my life to find out the whole “treat others the way you want to be treated” thing doesn’t necessarily mean anything to the people you encounter. Some folks just take whatever you’re willing to give without showing any kindness themselves, which is crappy of them. But you can’t stop being nice to people just because they’re not nice, cuz then the world would be full of jerks.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession is myself. I can walk, talk, hear, see, taste and breathe. Most importantly, my thoughts are (mostly) coherent, and I have memories and a personality that I like. A lot of people lose limbs and organs, and some lose their minds. I have yet to do either, and I’m grateful.

Welp, that’s me.

I nominate Kristen, Camila, Jaime, and Susan. Same questions.

  1. Where is your all-time favorite destination?
  2. Which post are you most proud of?
  3. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?
  4. Do you have a favorite travel app?
  5. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging?
  6. Is there anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?
  7. Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of, but ended up loving?
  8. What’s your pet peeve?
  9. What’s your most treasured possession?

18 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of World Bloggers

  1. yay thanks for the nomination girl, i will definitely do this! love what you said about yourself being your most treasured possession, so true! and i never thought to use WhatsApp for travel, so smart!


  2. I feel you on the wanting to be anywhere else – I always feel that – I hope one day it settles just for the sake of not feeling out of place all the time lol. That list for your dinner party is super epic btw! Love it! And you should come back to Scotland and visit! Ceilidhs are my favourite activities in Scotland 😀
    And thanks for the nomination! Will definitely try to get to it this February 🙂 xx


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