Life Resolutions


Can you believe it’s already 2016?

I wish I could be like some of the other people I know who’ve said that 2015 has been their “best year yet” and that they can’t wait for what 2016 holds. I can’t in all honesty agree with the first part, but some pretty great things have happened to me in the past year that I’m very grateful for. However, I wholeheartedly agree with the second part: I’m curious about what the new year will bring. I have some goals that I hope to accomplish, but they aren’t “New Year’s Resolutions” because they’re things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Like…

Have A Healthy Body


I have some really unhealthy habits leftover from high school (when my epic metabolism prevented love handles) that I’d like to get rid of for good. Exercise for me takes the form of an occasional long walk and some crunches here and there. I want to get into a regular routine of activity, but more than that, I REALLY wanna learn how to eat healthy. Up til now, I’ve been erratic with my healthy eating b/c it always seemed so expensive to get healthy foods that also tasted great. I love Whole Foods like woah, but I can’t shop there all the time. And when I put my healthy shopping on pause, it opens me up to eating truckloads of sugar and fast food and anything else that’ll mean I don’t have to do the dishes. I know you don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to be a healthy eater, but for a lazy eater like me, it’s just easier when a store is basically like “ONLY HEALTHY THINGS SOLD HERE.” Anyway, I’d like to get back on the health horse without falling off this time. Here’s hoping.

Have A Healthy Mind


Without going into too much detail, this has been my biggest struggle. Not of 2015 — of my life. Having great friends and loving family members is helpful, but there’s a lot I need to do on my own to reach this goal. It’s an ongoing battle that I’ve already made progress with, but there’s always more to do. I plan on making more strides in this part of my life, too.

Visit Japan


I have wanted to do this since I was 11 and watched my first episode of Dragon Ball Z. Japan’s history and culture is so rich and unique; I’ve always had a soft spot for it (and a slight obsession). The language is rhythmic and beautiful. The fiction is dark and strange. I need to visit that country. Growing up, what stopped me was a lack of funds. These days, what stops me is fear. I absolutely want to be there, but I haven’t spoken the language since I was an undergrad and have since forgotten a lot of it. I always wanted to go there as a fluent speaker. But now that I’m basically back at square one, the idea of going seems kind of scary to me. I know English is spoken there, but I want to be able to speak to people comfortably in Japanese. I’m planning to take classes or find a private tutor who can help me get back to a good place with the language so I can finally, confidently, journey to the place I’ve always dreamed of visiting.



London, England, Europe, everywhere I can (and want to)! Now that I live here, my head is constantly spinning with how many boroughs there are to visit, hidden streets to discover, and countries only a cheap flight or train ride away. There are places I haven’t yet been and places I hope to revisit with older eyes. Go, go, goooo!!!

Finish this $&^%#^%$@#&^% Book!


This novel has been in my head for years and now that it’s finally being put to paper, it’s a little scary. But I need to finish this because I know that doing so will make me feel so satisfied. It’s weird how frightening putting your ideas into action (or essentially, getting what you want) can be. But I want to do this — need to — because it really matters to me. I’m a writer. Do you know how hard it is for me to say that?! It doesn’t feel like a real thing unless you have something published that people actually know about. But if you spend your time writing, it’s true. Whether you’re published or not. So I’ll tack another goal onto this one: don’t be afraid to call yourself a writer.

Love Unabashedly


I am a love monster. An affection bomb. I love showing love. But not everyone is comfortable with that. This goal actually goes hand-in-hand with my mental health goal in that it requires me to stop caring what other people think. If someone is uncomfortable with the way you are, there are sooooo many other people in the world whom you can befriend, fall in love with, or smile at on the subway. Not everyone likes everyone else. Not everyone clicks with everyone else. And that’s OK! My goal is to be my weird, crazy, brimming-with-love self without discomfort because there is always at least one person out there who will appreciate you for who you actually are (and luckily, I already have a few of those people in my life πŸ™‚ ).

I also have hopes for all of you. I hope that this year, you make yourself so, so proud. Be happy, all of you.

My blogging schedule is going to change again. I’ve found that writing 4 times a week (on top of the other writing I need to do) is a bit of a struggle for me. So I think I’ll just post when I really have something I want to say to you (until I find a comfortable routine). But I’m glad I tried out the themed posts because now I know that I can do it if the whim ever strikes me again.

See you next time, you crazy animals.


18 thoughts on “Life Resolutions

  1. happy new year! i hope 2016 is a fabulous year for you.
    i have been working on my mind for several years, so i totally get what you mean. it’s an ongoing thing, i think.


  2. Very brave of you to share some of your inner-most thoughts Gianni. I think all of us, at least at some time or other, need to get our minds/healthier. For me, what has made the biggest difference is coaching and NLP (and if you are interested, I can ask whether there are any trainee coaches who would be happy to do pro bono coaching for you). It is hard to say “I am a writer.” I, too, struggled with that for a long time, and I still feel like a fraud when other things take priority over my writing. So, I suppose we must just keep trying. xx


  3. 2016 is the year…to write that book because I want to read it and drink wine to celebrate. Who am I kidding? There will be wine regardless, but you’ll still finish the book. And get it published and go to Japan and eat ham like Ponyo x


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