Road Trip Playlist

Welcome to Travel Thursday: Road Trip Edition!

I’m all about road trips, but haven’t taken one since moving from the East coast to the West in the US in 2010. One of my most favorite things about hitting the road for hours and hours, aside from the beautiful scenery and spending lots of time with the awesome people in your life, is listening to music. I’ve never made a playlist for a road trip, but I’ve been on a lot of them. I usually just put my iPod on shuffle and see what comes up. But certain songs are best for certain moods, and you go through a lot of moods on a road trip.

Sunny beginningsAll I Want Is You — Barry Louis Polisar

When you have to pee
Bird Flu M.I.A.

When the person you’re driving with misses the rest stop
Chop Suey — System Of A Down

90s nostalgia
Shape of My Heart — Backstreet Boys

Eat our #%$*%#@ dust!
Won’t Get Fooled Again — The Who

Collard Greens — Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar

Are we there yet?
How Soon Is Now? (cover) — t.A.T.u.

Now that I’ve thought about it while staring at this endless stretch of road, I’m convinced me & my S.O. are so right for each other and everyone else can suck it
All Eyes On You — Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown

Electric Relaxation — A Tribe Called Quest

That f**ker in the red truck just cut me off!
In My Eyes — Minor Threat

When shit gets weird
Starstruck — Santogold

When shit gets weirde
r —Β Spin Spin Sugar — Sneaker Pimps

Why do we exist?
Amnesia — The Vines

Crossing the state/country border
Oh My God — Ida Maria

I’m glad we’re here, but I kinda wish we could just keep driving
The Time Warp — Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast


What makes your road trip playlist?

Happy Thursday! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Road Trip Playlist

  1. haha wow some curious, intriguing and weird picks! So much nostalgia! I don’t know what it is with road trips and nostalgic old music haha In my family we used to have lots of Beatles, ACDC and Queens and lots of South American music for some reason. Not gonna lie that Backstreet Boys song brought me back haha


      • Ha! They probably do but not in my town… it’s a bit of a… redneck place. So we just did it in my friends living room until we passed out from wine overload… (not making myself sound any classier am I?)

        Liked by 1 person

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