Christmassy evenings.

I’ve fallen into a new routine.

I bought a desk for my bedroom. As soon as I put it together, I started doing all computer-related activities in there, neglecting my poor, poor, little living room. But now that the Christmas season is upon us, it’s gotten colder outside, and the winds are howling like the demon hound of the Baskervilles, I’ve started doing that thing where you hover by the window being grateful you’re not outside getting blown into a fence. What is it about enjoying bad weather from the comfort of your warm, dry home? Whatever it is, I dig it. So now I’m spending more time in my living room, cuddled up near my bay window, listening to the wind blow.

Of course I have to set the mood before settling in. I’m not just gonna crouch in the dark with a blanket around my shoulders, peeking outside like your creepy neighbor down the streetΒ (you know the one) who in their spare time is probably a witch living in a seaside cave. Nope. Firstly, I turn the heat on because my flat can get mighty frosty. Then, I light a candle or two. My current fave is this one, by Canova (which I bought from a local shop):



It burns well, and it’s easy to light despite being in a can. I hate when you’ve got, like, a week’s worth of candle left to burn but you can’t get to the wick because your lighter won’t reach. That shit is the stuff of nightmares.

Then, I switch on my Christmas tree! I bought a tiny one, perfect for me and the fuzzballs. When I went home last month, I dug through some of my boxes and found the ornaments I bought for my first Xmas tree in England before I moved here. I don’t remember why I left them behind. Probably something to do with the weight of my suitcase. Luckily, this is my first English Xmas tree (didn’t get one last year), so I hadn’t missed my chance to use them! I’ve bought more ornaments since I’ve been here, too. Right now, I’ve got just enough to cover the visible sides of my lil’ Charlie Brown tree. πŸ™‚

And with the lights out, I’ve got my own personal rave plant.


Where have fibre optic trees been all my life?! And in case you’re wondering, that large dark space that looks like a black hole is where my big ole Queen of Hearts ornament is XD

With everything else in place, all that’s left is to do is get comfy on my couch and gaze out into the night.


And of course the cat-monsters come in and get cozy with me, too πŸ˜€

How do you enjoy the holiday/autumn season at your house?

Happy Tuesday!




6 thoughts on “Christmassy evenings.

  1. I love your tree! It looks lovely! I have no heating at the moment, but that’s going to feature in a book, I am so fed up with useless tradesmen. At least I have my girls to keep me warm! X


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