Obsessed: Foyles’ Christmas Ad


I don’t know if you can read that. If not, it says:

“It’s a time machine
It’s a beautiful place
It’s a friend
It’s a message
It’s a talking point
It’s a teacher
It’s a guide
It’s a life changer
It’s a journey
It’s a pleasure

It’s a Book”

I bet at least one of those phrases rings true for every single book-lover out there.

When I was little, without brothers or sisters, books were friends. Now that I’m older, they’re time machines. The good ones impart provocative messages. The great ones change your life. From front cover to back, you’re taken on a journey. Dropped in the middle of beautiful places. Profound teachings and guidance are sometimes disguised in pages of fantasy or romance. Good or bad, they’re an inexhaustible talking point. And always a pleasure. This has got to be my favorite ad ever. And its relevance is timeless; no matter the season, I’m always excited to dig into a new book (or back into an old one).

Warm fuzzies…this ad gives me all of ’em πŸ™‚

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