Treat Yoself: Halloween Edition

Halloween is less than a week away!

So, the only thing to do (of course) is to make all my posts Halloween-themed this week.

You heard me.

You heard me.

To kick things off, why not treat yoself to a Halloweeny afternoon/evening complete with spooky movies/tv and seasonal snacks? Like, while you’re watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the 10 billionth time…

I watch this movie even when it's nowhere near Halloween OR Christmas time...

I watch this movie even when it’s nowhere near Halloween OR Christmas…

You could pull a Hobgoblin beer out of the fridge. Or a Pumpking. Or a Black Wych. They’re all made by Wychwood Brewery, so take your pick!

I like having choices :D

Each of these beers is on the bitter side (which somehow seems fitting for a ‘dark’ and ‘spooky’ time of year).

And you can munch on some “zombie fingers.”

I love how all they did was slap a different name on the bag.

I love how all they did was slap a different name on the bag.

You could also be interesting/un-lazy and make something really cool, like Ashton’s (of Something Swanky) Pumpkin S’mores Cupcakes.
Or, something kinda gross-looking (but all in good fun πŸ™‚ ) like Witch Finger Cookies.

“Blood” oozes from beneath almond “fingernails.”

You can throw on my most FAVORITE creepy cartoon ever, BEETLEJUICE!

I used to wish with all my tiny heart to be Lydia.

Don’t forget to light your Candy Corn and Witches Brew candles.
1345920e-candy-corn-medium-jar-candleΒ 1345927e-witches-brew-medium-jar-candle

And carve a pumpkin or two…

And wear something awesome because you’d never do fun Halloween stuff with people who’d judge you.

But whatever you do (or watch, or make, or eat, or drink, or wear), have fun!

Scare and be scared.

Just don’t get carried away…

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