Treat Yoself

It’s Tuesday!


Like I said yesterday, I decided to theme each weekday in order to better organize this blog. The theme for Tuesdays is actually the title of this post. I know Travel Tuesdays is a thing — and I am an expat — but I’ve decided to make Tuesdays about indulgence (I’ll be doing travel-related posts on a different day). Mostly, Treat Yoself Tuesday will deal with food, because…food.


But there are days when it might be about a different nice thing you can do for yourself (like spending ALL your rent money at LUSH for example. Please don’t do this). I’ve got a lot of afternoon teas planned, for instance, because it’s one of my favorite English things to do. I love it so much, I want to high five the skeletal hand of the dead genius who came up with it (there’s a bit of dispute over who deserves my posthumous high five, but I’ll get to the bottom of it one day). However, because I also love theatre, and spas, and markets (wait…that still kinda has to do with food, doesn’t it?), and clothes, and any form of enjoyable niceness, I won’t ONLY be posting about afternoon teas here, so don’t fret.


Today’s Treat Yoself Tuesday is gonna be super low-key, but it’s about something I think everyone should know about: Banana Bread Beer.


I’ve actually been buying this beer since well before moving to England. Back in Charlotte, I had to go to Whole Foods whenever I wanted some because no one else sold it. When I first moved to London, went into my local Morrissons and saw that they not only carry it, but they carry gi-hugic bottles of it, I experienced Disney-level happiness.


I love, love, love this beer because the banana bread flavor (well, its essence) is spot on. This is the only beer I pair with sweet foods.


Like Kimberley mallow-filled sandwich cookies biscuits πŸ™‚

Do yourself a favor and try it. The beer, I mean. (If you haven’t tried the biscuits, do that, too. But mainly the beer.) Unless you hate banana-flavored things, in which case, don’t bother. It’s beer, so the banana flavor is more of a phantom presence than a full-on syrupy takeover in your mouth, but I know some people can’t stand even a hint of the foods they dislike most. So don’t force it on yourself.

See you back here tomorrow!

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