Back At It

Hey everybody!!!

So nice to be back in the blogosphere as a regular. Though the hair-tearing from thesis madness is far from over (there’ll be at least 2 more years of it actually 😑 ), things are definitely on the up! I realized that the reason I’ve sometimes had trouble blogging consistently in the past is because I don’t have a niche or a target audience. There are lots of different things I’d like to blog about! But in order to make that work, I needed to get organized. SO…(drumroll please…)


…Yeah. Thanks.

I’ve decided to theme each day of the week (Monday thru Friday)!


OK so maybe this doesn’t seem like such a big deal to you, but for me it’s major because it makes me feel like I’ve actually got some control over my life.


OK, FINE! Not really. But sort of.

Not only do I want to give you consistent content during the week, but I also want to take the opportunity to cover interests of mine that I’ve neglected here. October 5th–9th will be an introduction to this new schedule of mine. Each day this week, I’ll let you guys in on what the theme will be for that day moving forward, and give you a bit of content to go with it! Sadly (or perhaps to your great relief), Mondays will be the only days when there won’t always be a post. This is because I’ve decided to do something I’m calling Monthly Mondays or… Monday Monthlies. Yeah. I think I like the second one better. Anyhoo, my Monday Monthlies posts will be on subscription boxes I receive (which is where the “monthlies” part comes in. Get it? Eh? EH?!).


ANYway, these posts won’t get going until either the first or second week of November (b/c that’s when my first two are set to arrive). After that, there’ll be a bit of a lull, then there’ll be another post. In the end, there should be about three of these types of posts per month, unless/until I decide to cancel one of the subscriptions. All of the subscription boxes I chose have to do with one particular interest of mine, but I’ll wait until the first official Monday Monthlies post to fill you in. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll just write a blog post or do a video for the unboxings…

I’m excited to try this all out! I know it’ll make things easier for me, but I also hope divvying everything up by day will work better for you, too. Now you’ll know ahead of time which posts you’re more or less likely to dig πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!

Stay tuned for Tuesday’s theme reveal…

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