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So the lovely Sophie of Sophie Loves Food has nominated me to do the #fdbloggers: Get to Know tag (created by Loriley Sessions), so how could I say no? Now, I’m not a food blogger in the sense that I only blog about food, or even share delicious recipes (like Sophie does — do yourself a favor and check out her Hidden Oreo cupcake recipe or her most recent triumph: a Black Forest Gateau baked as part of the Great British Bake Off Bake Along hosted by Ala and Amanda). However, I AM a food blogger in that I love food more than most things, I’m always seeking out new restaurants that I’m happy to tell you about, and I don’t give a damn about eating alone as long as I’m effing eating. So I’m happy to participate in this tag πŸ˜€

Name: Gianni

Blog: Across the Hog’s Back

What was your reason for starting a blog?
I started a blog because I was moving to England (life-long dream turned reality) and wanted to document the process: ups, downs, fun, fails, ALL of it to look back on in the future, and for anyone out there thinking about making the same move. One of my favorite things to do has always been reading about other people’s adventures — especially when they’re adventures I hope to go on myself! Once I knew for sure that I’d be starting an English adventure of my own, I decided to join the blogging ranks so I could (hopefully) inspire someone else’s wanderlust πŸ™‚

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?
Like I said above, I don’t post recipes… but I DO cook! The dish I’m most proud of is actually a baked good: shortbread cookies. I came up with my own recipe (well, really I added some of my favorite ingredients to an existing recipe) and it was the best feeling when I tried them for the first time and they were so buttery and amazing.

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?
I want to say a spatula. I’m constantly flipping meats, eggs, and other things so it’s probably my most used utensil. That aside, in a pinch, a spatula can also be used to mix ingredients (and by “in a pinch,” I mean when my big wooden spoons are dirty and I don’t feel like washing them).

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?

This is a tough one. I think… eggs, bacon, and spinach leaves. I can cook them all in the hot desert sun, and I’m assuming this desert island has coconuts so I’d be set for something slightly sweet to drink (never trust sea water). I think I could be happy with those three ingredients.

Who do you take your inspiration from?
Cooking inspiration? My mom, all the way. She’s my favorite cook. People always rave about her food, and she’s happy to try new recipes and restaurants. An adventurous eater makes for an interesting cook! But really, my mom’s just a good cook any way you slice it (ho ho…food puns). My grandmother’s also something in the kitchen.

What’s your favourite social platform?
Probably Facebook. It took me a looooooong time to start getting involved on Twitter. I have an Instagram account, but I never use it. Basically, I’m not great at internet-ing. But I’m always on Facebook (even if I’m not posting much) because it’s a great way to keep in touch with old friends.

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

My biggest disaster in the kitchen involves the aforementioned shortbread cookies. I was visiting my mom and wanted to make them (bc she loves them), but didn’t have any butter, so I used vegetable shortening instead. Bad idea. They looked like little boulders, and I couldn’t even swallow one bite of them. Gross. My mom ate them anyway. Motherly love at its best.

Favourite spot for coffee?
I’m not a big coffee aficionado. As such, I haven’t really tried many places specifically for their coffee. I’ve had (what for me is) good coffee at a couple of places, but I couldn’t name them. I’m more of a hot chocolate/tea person. That said, Bill’s has some good coffee (but I like their food better).

Favourite photo you’ve taken?
I guess…this one.
That poached egg looks so perfect under its cape of hollandaise sauce. Ugh. The perfection of eggs is second to none.

What would you say is your most successful blog post and why?
Hmm… I don’t even know which post was most successful statistically. I mean, sometimes a lot of people look at a post, but most of them don’t comment or like it. Does that count as a successful post? I guess I feel like the most successful posts are the ones where I wasn’t sure if I should even say what I said b/c it might be boring/too honest, but I did, and people still had nice things to say in response. But that’s more than a few posts, so you might just have to go back through the archive and decide which is best for yourself πŸ™‚

Now nominate three food bloggers you’d like to get to know more.
I nominate
Frankie of The Mayfairy
Flick of They Called It The Diamond Blog
Susan Shirley

These are all people I’ve admittedly hung out with, but have never asked these questions of.


13 thoughts on “#FdBloggers — Get to Know

  1. haha I’m kind of the opposite as in I didn’t used to love food much but I love posting about it! Though I’m slowly turning into a foodie not going to lie! And I love your 3 ingredients haha definitely some good meals – by themselves or together!xx


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