The Best and Worst of Summer

Full disclosure: Summer is my least favorite of the seasons. But there are things I like about it, so I’m going to be a good sport (even though I’ve been sweating like an elephant being smothered by a fatter elephant in this heat) and make a list with a little bit of YAY! and a little bit of DeargodNOOO.

BEST: Ice Cream (and other frozen goodness)!


To be fair, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t let the fact that it’s -5 ºF outside stop me from enjoying the sweet, creamy goodness that is ice cream. However, I will admit that it tastes even better when the sun is roasting you alive and the air around you is so humid and close that it feels like you’ve got a wet blanket on your face. While I tend to favor fruity flavors, I don’t really discriminate when it comes to freezy things (especially if it’s hot out). When I was a kid, though, my absolute favorite flavor was Baskin Robbins’ Daiquiri ice cream. It’s a seafoam green-colored sorbet and when I first tasted it I had no clue what was happening in my mouth, but I wanted more. So far, my favorite London ice cream encounters have been the Bubblicious Sundae at Creams, and the Rhubarb Ripple Cheesecake flavor from Chin Chin Labs.

WORST: Hay Fever.


Not being able to breathe through my nose is one of, if not THE, worst thing about summer for me. I literally want to rip my nose off my face and have my sinus cavities steam cleaned. Vicks Sinex Micromist nasal spray has become my BFF. The itching’s not so great either. Ugh. Allergies.

BEST: Beach Appreciation!


When it’s toasty out, there’s nothing like getting hit by a cold spray of ocean mist. Just the scent of sea air is enough to boost my level of happy all the way to 100. It’s definitely harder to enjoy the ocean when it’s already cold outside (trust me, I’ve tried). But on a warm day, not much compares to sitting barefoot on a blanket by the water with a book, a cold drink, and a pair of sunnies perched on your nose. Going to Brighton was so much fun, and perfect for this time of year!

WORST: Da HEAT (with NO air conditioning).


I prefer being cold to being hot because, while you can always add layers, there’s a limit to what you can take off (unless you’re 1) by yourself, 2) with someone who doesn’t mind getting flashed, or 3) an alien capable of unzipping your skin and flinging it over the back of the nearest chair). I never thought air conditioning would be one of the things I’d have to miss when I moved to London, but after enduring that ridiculous heat wave (and rolling around sweatily in bed for HOURS trying to get to sleep at night), I can say with total confidence (and just a lil’ desperation): I MISS AIR CONDITIONING!!!! I took it for granted that when I got to my flat, the a/c would be here waiting to welcome me into its open, frosty arms. That was my bad. I should’ve done more research…and bought a fan. Luckily, it’s started to cool off lately, so you won’t have to see my barbequed bod on the news anytime soon.

BEST: Barbecuing (food, not people)!


Grilled foods. Mmmm. Sure, you can eat them any day of the year, but you definitely can’t cook out on just any day of the year (unless you live in Southern California). Besides, it’s so much fun to be outside with your family and friends, chatting it up and inhaling the smells of smoked brisket, burgers, chicken and veggies on the grill. Then, you get to inhale the food itself (and fight your cousin for the mustard).

What are your most/least favorite things about summer?

6 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Summer

  1. i’m the only one who disagrees with the cold vs hot thing. i can cool down, but i cannot warm up. i hate air conditioning lol. i hate that i have to dress like it’s fall when it’s 100 degrees out because i know wherever i am going will be like 60 degrees.
    anyway, i want an ice cream so bad now! that one with the sprinkles looks so good. i miss good soft serve!


  2. I’ll try to remember some amazing tablets for Hayfever – I haven’t had to take one antihistamine this year because of them. I love summer until it gets too hot, or if I have to work outside because I burn easily… But I don’t like being cold either…


  3. haha I LOVE ice cream even more when it’s cold cause it means it doesn’t melt 😉 And I must really visit Chin Chin Labs next time I’m down in London, been hearing you talk about it so much! And you’re lucky it’s been warm lol it’s been terrible in Scotland! Basically the worst ‘summer’ I’ve ever experienced!


    • That’s a good point about ice cream in cold weather! Yeah, I might be Chin Chin Labs’s unofficial cheerleader, haha. I much prefer cold weather to hot, so maybe we should switch places, lol. Although it seems to get even more damp in Scotland than it does here, so… maybe I’ll stay here, haha.


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