Happy Independent Bookshop Week, everyone!

What? It’s Thursday? Well, better late than never, right?

London is full of bookshops, many of them of the independent variety, which is way cool (well, it’s cool to super nerds like me, anyway). Independent Bookshop Week aims to celebrate those wonderful local bookshops which are the heart of any community (in the UK and Ireland). Last night, the London Review Bookshop celebrated with a special Happy Hour complete with DJ, delicious food, a prize drawing, and (as they do during a number of events) discounted books πŸ™‚


The London Review Bookshop is one of the best bookshops I’ve ever been to. The variety of titles they have on offer is remarkable considering how small the shop is, and the staff are so knowledgeable that I’m always guaranteed to walk out with at least two books that are perfect for me (though I hadn’t even thought to look for them myself). When I arrived yesterday, the London Review Cake Shop (small restaurant attached to the bookshop) staff weren’t quite done setting up for Happy Hour, so I looked around for a book that might help me with the critical part of my thesis (which has been driving me effing insane lately). I asked one woman who worked there where the monster books were, and she led me to another colleague of hers who immediately led me to the right part of the store and handed me two books I’d never heard of that were just what I needed.


I went back upstairs to browse some more and promptly tripped over the DJ’s stool (ruining the event photographer’s shot in the process) because no event is complete without me accidentally bumping into persons/things, knocking something over, or otherwise embarrassing myself.

Not long after that near tragedy (I almost toppled a book display like a game of Giant Jenga…), the food was ready to order.


The dishes were vaguely Tex-Mex themed. They had red bean chili and rice, smoky mushroom cheesesteaks, and kimchi pork cheesesteaks along with a choice of either an iced mint julep or a Michelada beer cocktail. I went with the kimchi pork and the Michelada (spiciest drink I’ve ever had and SO good).

I’d heard about the dessert well before the day of the event. A chocolate brownie with beetroot ganache, topped with… a real grasshopper.


Yes, I did eat it. ALL of it. Now I can tell my grandchildren one day that I ate a bug. It wasn’t as traumatizing as you might think. Probably because I popped the whole thing into my mouth; all I could really taste was chocolate and beetroot. The grasshopper just added… texture. πŸ˜€

I almost left without hearing the results of the prize drawing but, thanks to my old lady brain, I’d left my rings on the edge of the bathroom sink. When I came back upstairs, it was time to announce the winners. The drawing was for two tickets to a film of your choice during BFI Southbank’s Dennis Potter season, which ends in July. It’s a good thing I stuck around for the drawing because I was one of the winners!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “#IndieBookshopLove

  1. I was so enjoying all of that until we got to eating bugs…. I did that in Thailand and it was gross. So well done you! I love that you find all these bookshops. Keep exploring.


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