“You must all go to Brighton…”


I finally made it to the coast! Turns out that medicine was helpful (it just took a looot longer than 15 minutes to be helpful) and I was able to go to Brighton with friends without mouth-breathing like a human leaf blower the whole time. We’d made some plans (pancakes, Royal Pavilion, the pier), but mostly winged it the whole day. We ate at Brighton’s Breakfast Club which was done up on the inside with bright pinks, greens, and blues. It reminded me of a cruise ship (especially the pink, scalloped booth seats). Our waitress told us they were out of OJ (Booo…no Mimosas for us 😦 ), so I went for a Bloody Mary. She asked if I wanted a virgin one. I blinked and said, “Where’s the fun in that?” The one I got was a spicy eye-opener (and yes, full of delicious, nutritious alcohol). Our whole reason for eating at The Breakfast Club was to order pancakes. Mine were unfortunately undercooked, but my friend’s were cooked through and she liked hers, so I guess they were a bit hit-or-miss there that day.

On to the pier!

We passed waffles on sticks, temporary tattoos, and folks laid out in beach chairs before ending up surrounded by games and rides. I rode three deathtraps with a friend while our other tripmate kept her feet planted safely on the boards.

20150613_140550 20150613_135058 20150613_142403 20150613_142425

The “Horror Hotel” started out pretty hokey, but ended up making both of us scream. I think being in the dark knowing something’s about to jump out at you tenses you up just enough to be scared, even by mannequins with eroded faces and wigs askew if they pop out at the right time. We also rode a coaster called “Turbo” that flung us around like rag dolls. Have you ever ridden the Outer Limits coaster at King’s Dominion? Like that, only flimsier. And the one after that (“The Sizzler”???) spun us around in a wide circle while spinning our car around individually, too. There was a cushion on my side that helped about as much as a sheet of Kleenex while my friend repeatedly slammed into me from her side. Holy f***, carnival rides ain’t no joke. I felt so old afterwards. My friend actually screamed “My back!” at one point. Oh yes, we’re in the Springtime of youth over here…

Our bones thoroughly crushed, we decided to head back towards the shops. Walking around, I kept hearing Lydia Bennet’s voice in my head (the youngest daughter in Pride & Prejudice) saying, “You must all go to Brighton! That is the place to get husbands. I hope you have half of my good luck.” I even saw a red military coat on display in one of the shop windows (or maybe it was at the pier) that made me think of Mr. Wickham and scowl.

The little shop lanes around Market Street are like a maze. Without knowing how, we found ourselves at Choccywoccydoodah!


All of those “cakes” are made of chocolate. It’s cray in there.

I’d first heard of this place on Amanda’s blog Rhyme & Ribbons, and really wanted to go there. Everything chocolate? Hell yes. And it’s not just a chocolate shop — they have a cafe on the first floor, too. We put our names down. We had an hour to wait, so we headed over to the Royal Pavilion. SO gorgeous, y’all.

20150613_161650 20150613_161833 20150613_162914

I felt like I was in a fairytale. Or a Rudyard Kipling story. The Royal Pavilion was originally built for King George IV (who at the time construction began was merely Prince of Wales — Ha! “merely”…). He hosted lavish affairs there that lasted for days. Kind of like the regal version of Bonnaroo. It didn’t become a royal residence until Victoria became Queen. She sold the Pavilion in 1845 because she thought it was too public a place for her family to live. We didn’t go inside, but King George apparently demanded the palace be designed in an Indian style on the outside and a Chinese style on the inside, though he’d never been to either country. So really, what we see when we look at the palace is a “Western interpretation” of the East. Here’s a video about the Royal Pavilion if you’re interested!

Back at Choccywoccyfragilisticexpialidocious…


You better believe I slooshed every piece of my blondie around in this plate of chocolate :D

You better believe I slooshed every piece of my blondie around in this plate of chocolate πŸ˜€

I had a praline milkshake and a blondie. Kind of anti-chocolate, I know. But I KNEW there’d be legit chocolate accompaniments to whatever I ordered, so I didn’t feel like too much of a traitor. Our seats were made to look like deer antlers forged into furniture; there was even a little furry cushion to sit on. I felt like Gaston.


Brighton is super cool. I’ll definitely be back to see more of it!

9 thoughts on ““You must all go to Brighton…”

  1. Although you’ve done very different things there, I love Brighton. I spent a lot of time there as a child, had my first graduation ceremony there, and many other experiences since. I recommend The Lanes… the arty part of Brighton. And some fabulous restaurants…


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