France Finale

So, here it is. The end.

That probably sounds a bit more ominous than it should, but you know by now that this is a pretty weird corner of the internet. Anyhoo, we spent 2/3 of mom’s last days in Europe in Paris. Unfortunately, there won’t be a lot of pictures of French landmarks because between the two of us, our three devices were all dying. But we had a wonderful time!


20150513_191921 20150513_191959

We actually got there later than we were supposed to because when we got to the train station, not only were we too late to check in, but I had forgotten my passport at home. FYI, this is the second time I have done this. I really don’t know wtf is wrong with me. It’s like I live in a damn sitcom. But I summoned an Uber driver, got driven home and back to the station, and we made it to France. The first evening was spent foraging for food at one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, Racines


Veal and the heartiest, coarsest, best risotto I have ever eaten.

Veal and the heartiest, coarsest, best risotto I have ever eaten.

Some kind of brilliant chocolate mousse masterpiece (on a bed of chocolate biscuit crumbles).

Some kind of brilliant chocolate mousse masterpiece (on a bed of chocolate biscuit crumbles).


(after first stopping at a restaurant that did not have the first dish I requested OR the alternative I asked for) and mom trying macarons for the first time.


It later turned out that she should have continued never eating macarons because they are made with almonds and my mother is allergic to nuts. She did think they were delicious before the itching set in, though!


Next day, we did the Big Red Bus tour because we were due to head back to London that evening, so it was the easiest/fastest way of taking in all the important sights. We will of course be back someday, but I really did enjoy the tour!


Friday was mom’s last full day in London, so we took it easy. We hung around for most of the day, then did the London Eye “cocktail hour” experience, which was severely understaffed. The London Eye is alright…but if I’m being completely honest, I preferred the cable car and my view from Duck & Waffle to the London Eye. Just sayin’…


Yes, I have a cat phone cover. What of it?



When it came time to get our photo snapped inside our London Eye car, I side-eyed the other people in the car. Right as the photo was being taken. I’d been standing there waiting, and eeeeeverybody else waited patiently for the flash bulb to go off, but I (being the 5-year old that I am) started getting impatient and wondering when the dang photo was gonna be taken. So yeah… everybody’s smiling for the camera except me.

Photo on 6-1-15 at 11.14 PM #2

Afterwards, we headed to the Rum Kitchen in Kingly Court (Soho) for a bite to eat and some amazing drinks.


I’d first read about Rum Kitchen on Amanda’s blog, and got super excited about the pulled pork. It was every bit as delicious as she said it was. And now I’m thinking about it. And want more.

20150515_214131 20150515_221642

On Saturday morning, I rode the tube to the airport with mom and saw her off. Yes we cried, because we’re dorks. We are rubber and you are glue. Whatever you say…well… you know the rest. I wish she could have stayed longer, and I am not at all ashamed of this.

I had a wonderful visit with my mama, and can only bide my time until the next one. Love you, Ma! ❀

Hope you all are enjoying your week πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “France Finale

    • Thanks, Susan! Racines was so good, and the staff incredibly friendly. They even plugged my mother’s dead phone into the charger they had in their kitchen and gave us each a glass of wine to drink (on the house) while we waited for it to charge a little.

      I think the London Eye had been too hyped up for me before I experienced it. I did enjoy it, just not as much as I expected to.


  1. I’ve never done the London Eye…. I always suspected it would be a little bit shite. Feeling vindicated over here. Thanks for that. Also I love your mother’s sarcastic macaron face! Fair enough if she’s allergic πŸ˜€


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