Poetry Pit-Stop #6 — a break from our regularly scheduled programming…

Making Circles, Telling Lies**

I am waiting for the words to appear like
redemptive magic on the screen
I’m sorry,
but I can’t make it

I’m sorry,
I just got caught up

I’m sorry…
You should be
You are, but not in the way you mean
Yet here I am
Gut twisting at each sound my laptop makes
Because maybe it’s you
The techno equal of footsteps outside
Keys jingling as they untangle
The click of the lock
The creak of hinges
A hand sliding up my shoulder
I’m sorry, baby, but
Here I am
I’m here now
But there is no here
no now for you
There’s only might
and maybe
and grey fog where
all the things you’ll let me know
loiter, uncalled
I’ll be right with you
But where?
Why do I give jewels and
get back only dirt
broken shells
and used band-aids
from I’m sorrys past?
Hold the sides down
They’ll stick
Give it time

by Gianni Washington
**500 cool points to anyone who can guess where the title comes from

I finally have a couch and a rug in my “living room” so I’ve been spending lots of time there. So have the little ones 🙂 It’s nice not to have to choose between the kitchen table and my bed when I want to sit in my apartment. I’ve already watched movies, drank wine, and just plain old relaxed on my new couch. It’s so nice when things start to come together 😀

The rest of my mom’s visit will be posted soon. Probably tomorrow. And I forgot!!! The day mom and I saw The Woman In Black, we went back to Shackfuyu before the show (because that’s how much she loved it), but we got there maybe 20-30 minutes before they were open for dinner. So we waited outside. Out of nowhere, a skinny white guy with a dirty blond ponytail walks past smoking a cigarette. He looks familiar to me, but I can’t place him right away. Then, it hits me: Gellert Grindelwald, known in the muggle world as Jamie Campbell Bower. I tell mom who he is and she says, “We should ask him for his autograph so he can feel famous for a little while.” XD

Happy almost-weekend, y’all!

8 thoughts on “Poetry Pit-Stop #6 — a break from our regularly scheduled programming…

  1. Poem flows for sure! Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter–you want something more than mud back at you? Then you must visit the real Grindelwald, its dark forests filled with life unseen–at the foot of the kings of mountains. Grindelwald, Switzerland. Visited by poets and musicians for centuries–it awaits you. 🙂


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