Harry Potter, Duck & Waffle, and…er…Death.


I’ve already been on the WB Studio Tour, but my mother — who, after watching me obsess over the books, was forced (by me) to start reading the books, and subsequently fell in love with the story — hadn’t before, so this was close to the top of her list for her visit. I didn’t take a lot of pictures except of the attractions that were not yet a part of the tour during my first time — like the Hogwarts Express (which was super cool).


“Won-won” in Lavender Brown’s annoying squeal kept echoing in my head from the minute I saw this.

Mom thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and I enjoyed seeing her have so much fun.


The next day, we ventured over to Duck & Waffle (which is literally 2 minutes walk from Liverpool Station). I had randomly decided to try my luck there once before and was turned away as my ensemble didn’t fit the dress code — which is “smart elegance” for any of you planning to dine there. Duck & Waffle sits on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower building, just above the equally touted restaurant Sushi Samba. The views from the restaurant are stunning. I truly felt like I’d put reality on pause while I was up there.

20150512_123642 20150512_124342 20150512_124337 20150512_123505

The menu at Duck & Waffle is varied and somewhat experimental in the best of ways. Y’all know how I love my egg yolks, but my mom is a different animal — she doesn’t like eggs that aren’t scrambled (it’s honestly hard to believe sometimes that I came out of her). So the signature dish at D&W, i.e. the Duck & Waffle — topped beautifully with a fried duck egg — was forgone in favor of other equally intriguing dishes. Y’all. This food was so good. Hell, everything was, including my artfully presented “Hay cocktail”…


We ordered the ox cheek donut…

20150512_130004 20150512_130029

Sweet and savoury, perfectly seasoned pulled meat inside a well-crafted donut dusted with smoked paprika sugar and wading in a pool of apricot jam. We also had the violet artichoke & parmesan bread…


…the rib eye…



…and the ratte potatoes.

After our lovely lunch, we swung over to the Wellcome Collection to check out their Forensics exhibit.


LOTS of interesting stuff in this exhibit, including miniature crime scenes which are still used to train police officers in the art of deduction, the evolution of the instruments and techniques used to collect evidence over the years, audio of an actual autopsy, and an actual section of bloody floor that was part of a murder scene. I don’t have any photos from this exhibit… but you’re probably relieved, eh?

The exhibit is on until June 21, in case you’re interested πŸ™‚

That evening, we sat through a surprising and completely satisfying theatre experience: The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre. While we were expecting an interesting show, we weren’t expecting the minimalism with which this show is done. And when I say “minimalism,” I mean a 2-man cast (not including The Woman), props that double as vehicles and beds both, expert use of shadow, light, and sound. I was NOT expecting to be scared by a stage show, but I actually jumped in my seat (and the woman next to me curled into a ball in her seat and jumped like an electric shock had ripped through her whenever a blood-curdling scream or mysterious noise met her ears). It was great. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

Still to come: an overnight trip to Paris πŸ˜€

**Sorry for the late post, and a shout-out to the bloggers I had hoped to meet at the picnic yesterday. I hope y’all had an amazing time!**

14 thoughts on “Harry Potter, Duck & Waffle, and…er…Death.

  1. You are definitely living it up with your mother! Nice to see you getting the obligatory Duck & Waffle blog out of the way, too πŸ˜‰

    On a side note, when my step son went to Woman in Black there were mice running around the theatre floor. So multiple reasons to scream in the dark!

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