Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the States is on May 10th, and since mom and I planned for her visit to coincide with that date, I was able to abandon my original plan to hover over the happy English mothers and their families eating brunch together on March 15th and get the bread in their complementary baskets soggy with my tears.

Mom and I had originally planned to partake in the all-day Sunday brunch at Darwin Brasserie in the building that houses the sky garden, but I wasn’t able to get an early enough reservation, so I had to do an exhaustive search of London’s brunch options until I found a replacement. In the end, we went to 34.

34 is a nice restaurant, elegantly done up, and the staff were incredibly attentive. Our drinks were prettily presented (mine included an “olive” made out of a baby peach colored green), and the food was simply plated and quite tasty.

The waiter made me eat the olive and guess what it was made of as soon as he put the drink down, so there's no photo of it :(

The waiter made me eat the olive and guess what it was made of as soon as he put my Bellini down, so there’s no photo of it 😦

Regretfully, the dish I was most excited about — the Banoffe waffles & cream — was nowhere near as substantial as it looks on their website.

This photo is from their website. Doesn't it look filling?

This photo is from their website. Doesn’t it look filling?

The version I got was more like waffle shaped cookies with slices of caramelized banana and toffee sauce (the deluge of chocolate was nowhere to be found). I was pretty disappointed by that. But I did enjoy my Eggs Arlington…


By now you all understand that this is like porno to me...

By now you all understand that this is like porno to me…

And mom LOVED the bacon that came with her pancakes. She said it was the best bacon ever, and it really was out of this world. Smoky, but chewy and just sweet enough. Perfecto.


After brunch it was time for one of the highlights of mom’s entire visit: The Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V&A!


I don’t have pictures from the exhibit itself because they weren’t allowed, but I can tell you this: his designs are incredible. Alexander McQueen has always been one of my absolute favorite designers, mostly because of how dark his work tends to be, but also because the designs themselves are so much like wearable art! He accomplished what every artist likely aspires to — he had a vision for each collection which was clearly (and beautifully) executed, such that it comes across to you without any trouble. After reading the quotes from him about each collection and about his work in general, I saw exactly what he meant when I looked at each piece. The Widows of Culloden collection is my favorite as a whole, though Horn of Plenty has a few of my most favorite pieces he’s ever made.

Like this one. (via)

Like this one. (via)

Each silhouette is powerful, and intentionally so (β€œI want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.”). Fear is connected to sexuality, which is connected to power, and to perversion as well. There’s also a particular allure in being feared, which he tapped into brilliantly with his designs. He explored so much of what’s under the surface in all of us in his work, and it shows. It’s an amazing exhibit. See it before it’s gone!

Next up: WB Studio Tour, round two!

Happy Thursday πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Aw, love this. It’s always disappointing when restaurants don’t live up to their hyped/online expectations, BUT it’s all about the company you’re in, isn’t it? So glad you got to spend such a special time with your mama – makes me miss mine! I almost started crying when I talked to mine last night because I haven’t talked to her for so long. Had to send her Mother’s Day Gift in the post. 😦


    • Aw πŸ˜₯ I bet it’s been hard for you being so far from your family (all the way on the West Coast!) but I always love to read about when you reunite with them (and the hilarious things your parents say XD ). I was a tad disappointed by 34, but mom enjoyed it and like you said, who you’re with is what’s most important. I will be trying that brunch at Darwin’s ASAP though…


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