Posts Ahoy

Brace yourselves for eyeball fatigue. My mom’s coming in a couple of days (YAY!) and we will be doing everything ever, so you’ll have lots to read about soon. In the meantime, I’ve been this I I close to choking to death on dust and cat hair while cleaning my grungy flat. There’s kind of a big difference between the level of dirt you’ll tolerate when you’re by yourself vs the amount you’ll allow when you know guests are coming.


I’m not going to tell you what to expect (especially since one of the things got cancelled right when I was getting excited about having snagged tickets for it). Just know that adventure is afoot. And more cat hair.


Talk soon!

9 thoughts on “Posts Ahoy

  1. You know that thing that people have where they notice dirt? Well, I don’t have that. I don’t notice dust until it’s really, really, really piling up. And even then I can’t say I care much. Yet I live! You must be super excited about your mum 😀


    • I notice the dust, I just don’t care about it unless I know someone else who might care is going to be in my house, haha. Honestly, it wouldn’t be good for my health to care too much about it considering the fur-factories living with me. I use a lint-roller on a shirt, blink, and the fur is back like magic. Black magic.

      I am waaaay pumped about my mom being here 🙂

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