Happy-making life things.

I was so, so happy to move to London. I was absolutely, 100,000,000% planning to grab life by the hojos and take full advantage of this city.






Lookit how pretty!

But then I remembered…I don’t have a job yet. And in exchange for many goods and services, humans often require monies from you. Even the guardians of public transport. Curses. As such, I’ve mostly reverted to shut-in status. There’s also the fact that I have to write every day, and…it’s just easier to do that while sitting at my kitchenroom table (if you saw my “living room” you’d laugh until your eyeballs burned in their sockets), staring out my big, pretty window. But there are lots of things about life in my London flat that I’m crazy about (and things that put a small, satisfied smile on my face). Aaaaannnnd, here they are!

1. My Big, Pretty Window.

Choko likes to spy on the neighbors. :)

Choko likes to spy on the neighbors. πŸ™‚

There’s a giant, house-high wall of ivy directly opposite that looks like the secret entrance to some magical land. But if I don’t want to spend my time staring at angry shrubbery, that’s cool, too, because I have a bay window which offers a wider view of the backs of my neighbor’s houses and their beautifully manicured gardens (well…a few of them are nice, anyway). Also, their dining rooms and kitchens. My neighbors don’t like to cover their windows.

2. Taking Baths.
I can’t tell you how long it had been since I took a proper bath. Now that I have a bathtub, it’s all I ever do. I also run to Lush at every opportunity to load up on bath bombs. Lying in my fizzing tub while my favorite show or movie plays on my laptop is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

This may seem totally lame, but I am SO. HAPPY. to have a dishrack. When I first moved in, I was doing the dishes and using my tea towel to dry them. When that didn’t work, I had to use ALL the paper towels ever because I couldn’t let my moist dishes just sit by the sink in a stack. Then *bumbumBUM* Tiger did away with my dish-drying woes! Having a dishrack has actually made doing the dishes more enjoyable for me because I know drying them won’t be an utter Hellfest. It’s the little things, y’all.

4. Kitchen! With Working Oven!
One of the things I’d been most excited about was having my own kitchen again. Then I got here and couldn’t use the oven. *WOMPwoooommmmp* But now, all that’s over! I’ve made pizza, and garlic bread, and…well…other carbs. I eat a lot of carbs, OK? Blame the oven.

5. Doing Laundry Without Leaving the House.
When I lived on campus, I had a Circuit Laundry card. A card that I needed to go to my preferred laundry room to purchase, then go home to top up, then go back to the laundry room to activate the funds. It’s actually a bit like this prepaid gas meter biz (which I’m not a fan of. I REALLY need to arrange it so I can top up online…). Anyhoo, I didn’t do much laundry, even if I wanted to, because it rained in Guildford. A lot. And I didn’t want to go outside. Now, I don’t have to, and even though it sounds like the end of the world every time I do laundry, my happiness over the convenience far outweighs my annoyance at the seismic activity caused by my washing machine.

There are other great things: great bakeries and shops nearby, theatre (saw The Nether last Friday — it was ace), getting leads on jobs… Also, this:

2015-03-14 00.45.01
Happy Monday!

18 thoughts on “Happy-making life things.

  1. kitties are the best! that first photo with the window is fabulous, wish i had a fancy window!
    i have a hot bath every night!! i could never live somewhere without a bath tub!


  2. hahaha oh man I totally feel you – for the longest thing we had a dish rack but nothing to hold utensils and that drove me CRAZY! and when I got a utensils holder my life seemed like 100% better! and love your window it’s huge πŸ˜€


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