Cinema Sins

No movie is without sin. We all know this, but it’s nice to have a sarcastic, mostly monotone, and sometimes genuinely angry male voice confirm this for you. Cinema Sins is a YouTube channel (and also now has its own official website) where one guy (Jeremy Scott) tells you all the things that are wrong with a particular movie. Some of the sins are things you’ve probably noticed yourself that you couldn’t be bothered to mention to anyone because…well…no one’s gonna pay you for noticing stuff in multimillion dollar Hollywood films that can never be unmade. Some of the sins are things you didn’t even notice, but once you hear about it, you agree that it’s ridiculous. Some of the sins are just things Jeremy mentions to be a jerk (but it’s still funny).

Each video begins with the same three words: “Everything wrong with” (kinda like an episode of Friends… “The one with”…) after which a shot of the film’s title comes up. The video also tells you how long it’s going to be (“in ___ minutes or less”), then tells you there will be spoilers (“duh”). Jeremy then runs through the entire film, stopping at each sinful scene and explains why it’s sinful. At the end, the sins are tallied and the film is sentenced. After that, there are a couple of minutes where scenes from the film are dubbed over with famous dialogue from other movies/TV/random biz. Sometimes, there’s even a bonus round where extra sins are added for anything that’s been overdone in the movie. My favorites are the videos for Michael Bay’s films, especially the Transformers movies (which get tons of extra sins in the bonus rounds for product placement and the overwhelming presence of explosions and American flags).

They had to make a Part 2 for this one XD

In honor of the release of the Hellbomb that was 50 Shades of Grey, Cinema Sins did a week of videos dedicated to films known for their sexiness. Basic Instinct. Nine 1/2 Weeks. Showgirls. Goldfinger. In case you’re interested, the most sinned movie of the bunch was Showgirls (69,000,203 sins after the bonus round).

Cinema Sins also does “How to” videos.

The Cinema Sins team gives a disclaimer that no matter how many sins a movie gets, it doesn’t reflect how entertaining the movie is or even how much they actually might like it. You’ll probably find videos of films you love on their channel. I have. But it’s allΒ for the sake of comedy. And no one is safe. Not even them.

*I just did this review for the hell of it b/c I visit this site every. Single. Day. Clearly I’m not well-known enough for people to ask me to blog about their shiz, but I just wanted to go ahead and clear that up. πŸ™‚ *

14 thoughts on “Cinema Sins

  1. oh my gosh, my husband LOVES this channel thingy. he’s made me watch a bunch of movies that i like (aka ruining them for me) – have you heard of honest trailers? he loves those too, and even i laugh at them sometimes!


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