Updates are a-comin’!

Hey there.

I apologize for posting so irregularly here lately. First it was no internet after the move. This time it was no computer after my adapter finally crapped out. I also went back to North Carolina for a week and, as you read this, am on my way from Charlotte, NC to the ATL airport (the closest one I could fly my cats out of). I’ll definitely be posting in a couple of days about my time back home and the utter nightmare getting everything done for my cats turned out to be. But aside from that — and posts about writing & books — I wanted to ask: what would y’all like to see here? I’m thinking of following the lead of other bloggers who do series posts on certain days. Like I said, I’ll definitely have one day dedicated to writing, and one to a book review. I’d post about recipes…but my kitchen isn’t really suited to cooking anything you plan to eat within the next 15 hours. I’ll definitely be exploring more of my neighborhood, and job-hunting (*cue blood-curdling scream*), so will be out and about, and (hopefully) finding interesting things to share with you! Is there any particular type of post you’d be interested in reading? This is just a general call for suggestions/feedback.

I’ll be back across the pond tomorrow! I’ve already said “when I get home…” a gajillion times since I’ve been here. Weird; England = Home now πŸ˜€ I will leave you with a picture of Neal doing his Tony DiNozzo impression:


Talk soon!

13 thoughts on “Updates are a-comin’!

  1. Ooh the kitties are on their way! I like your blog the way it is. I don’t really read cookery blogs, I don’t get much time for fancy cooking nowadays, but I have more cookery books than I’ve had hot dinners (maybe). I don’t go for fashion blogs regularly… Probably nit helpful.


    • That was incredibly helpful, Susan πŸ™‚ I’ve been feeling like maybe I should be doing more on this blog. More of what other people do. But it’s probably best to stick to what you’re best at…which is being yourself, right? I know you of all people understand how ridiculously happy I am to have my cats here. As much as I’ve enjoyed being here already, NOW I feel like my complete self again. Happyhappyhappy!


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