Liebster, Part Deux

Yeah, yeah, I know; I did this already. But Frankie’s questions are my favorites ever, so here we go again:

1. You are starving. You have only two options food wise: your childhood pet, or a giant snail. Which do you choose?
If we’re talking escargot here, the snail. Absolutely. A giant raw snail, however, would be out of the question for two reasons. One, imagining how it would feel going down makes me want to hurl myself into the nearest ravine. Two, I saw this and my heart melted a little:

2. Noodles vs Spaghetti?
These days, I would say spaghetti. Elementary school Gianni despised spaghetti. I’m pretty sure it’s because whenever my parents made it, they’d put tons of sugar in the sauce and as much as I loved sweets (I actually vetoed the addition of a sibling because I didn’t want to share my candy with anyone), I couldn’t stand when foods that were normally savory were made sweet. An extension of this pet peeve has survived in mutated form. If there’s something in my food that “doesn’t belong” — not hair or a bug, but pieces of food that are not the food I ordered — the hairs on my neck stand up and I dig around in my food until all traces of the interloper have been removed. Biggest repeat offenders: ice cream shops that do mix-ins. If I find the remains of someone else’s order in my ice cream…buuuhhh.

3. If a squirrel were to take on your high school geography teacher in a battle to the death, who would win and why?
I didn’t take geography in high school. I did have Social Studies though (a world history-ish course) — does that count? My SS teacher was also my soccer coach. He would get wrecked in a fight with a squirrel. He’s that guy you picture getting hit over the head with a bottle in a bar fight. By a squirrel.

4. Which Spice Girl do you dress up as for Halloween?
My favorite Spice Girl was always Scary Spice, but I loved Ginger’s clothes. And her hair. I think I’ll go with her. I never realized how intense the ginger distinction was in the UK until I got here. They’re like a separate species of human. I dig gingers. In a big way. Red haired people have always fascinated me. Especially curly haired and/or bearded ginger dudes. Lawd.

5. What’s the best thing about blogging?
Hands down, the awesome people I’ve connected with. I love reading comments and other bloggers’ responses to my comments. The blogging community is full of hilarious, creative, wonderful people, and I appreciate that more than I can say.

6. Do you use photos of yourself on your blog? Why/why not? Thoughts?
I do. I did have an internal debate about it the first time (despite a picture of my face being the first thing you see when you come to this page), but now I don’t mind it so much. Although I am sporting a somewhat slimmer face in that profile picture than I am now. Hmm…does that count as false advertising?

7. What is the dumbest/weirdest/most embarrassing thing you’ve ever blurted out in a social situation?
I can’t think of an embarrassing thing I’ve blurted out, but I did endure a somewhat awkward situation when I met Daley. I do awkward things often enough that before it was my turn to meet him, I repeated “Don’t do anything awkward” over and over again in my head. I got to the front, hugged him, and even succeeded in making him laugh before our picture was taken. I said “thank you” to the girl who took the photo, but maybe he thought I was saying it to him and that our transaction was concluded because as I was moving toward him to hug him goodbye (as the two people before me had done) he was moving away from me toward the next person. I saw it all happening in slow motion, but I couldn’t stop myself. When he finally noticed what I was doing, he moved towards me just as I’d pulled the break lever on the train wreck express and was leaning away from him. It was just… odd. And I was SO close to getting out of there without weirding shit up. Ah well XD

8. What scares you?
Lots of things. The thought of being forgotten as life moves on is a big one, though that’s kind of inevitable (unless you’re Shakespeare). Never being in love again. Being a failure. You know…fun stuff.

9. Where do you stand on the ‘no makeup selfie’ debate (ie. good idea/bad idea/ridiculous/you can still see the make up people!/what’s a no makeup selfie?)
I’m pretty apathetic about this one. I don’t wear make-up or take selfies that often, so…yeah I might leave this question to someone more qualified to answer. (Although I have seen a few that made me say “Why you lyin’ tho?”)

10. When making cupcakes, can you do the swirly icing like a professional? (without resorting to black magic)?
Heck no. But I can sure eat one like a professional.

11. Give us a tip for life.
None of us knows what, if anything, is on the other side of life, so live the life you want while you can.

Thanks for making me turn my brain upside down and shake it empty, Frankie 😀

Do you have answers to any of these questions? I’d love to read them!

9 thoughts on “Liebster, Part Deux

  1. hahaha i can eat a cupcake professionally as well – i made some cupcakes today and the icing looks terrible but they sure do taste good. and i wouldnt eat a snail but goodness i wouldn’t want to eat my childhood pet either!

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    • Shouldn’t somebody else be making cupcakes for you today, b-day lady? 🙂 Then again, it can be satisfying to eat something you’ve made yourself (as long as it’s actually good and doesn’t make your stomach explode). I couldn’t eat my childhood pet either 😥 I’d feel like the worst human on earth.


  2. 1. I had a couple of pets as a child, one was a budgerigar. Not sure it would have filled the gap but way better than any kind of snail. (It used to bite me, it deserves its fate.)

    2. Well, I don’t eat wheat, so only have that wheat free pasta, which is really only good with a great sauce. But then I also only eat rice noodles… But I do like them…

    3. Ok, so I think HIgh School in the States is different from over here, but it doesn’t matter for this question (I don’t think!). Can I use artistic license and have a Giant Squirrel beat the teacher. Just because it sounds fun and I’ve already eaten my pet budgy.

    4. Ha ha! Colouring wise, I’m most like Baby Spice, but they used to call me Scary Spice at work (I can’t think why, I’m lovely!) I agree with you, Gianni about Ginger Spice, though, but I probably need to stick with Emma.

    5. The best thing about blogging? Well, again, I agree with you Gianni, but also, I learn so much as I do it. I try to ensure that I add something factual to every post and so I learn a lot doing it. And it’s fun.

    6. I had a real problem with the whole “putting myself online” thing (and as I’m now the subject of identity theft, I think I was right to have reservations) but decided, in the end, if I ever wanted to make my living writing, I had to go the whole hog. Allegedly, you get better client/customer buy in by having your real photograph so it ended up being a no-brainer.

    7. Mmm, not so much me, but it is quite funny. Some years back, I was at someone’s leaving drink (may have been mine, can’t quite remember). We have them when people transfer/leave and it’s always a big celebration. Anyway, there was a guy there with whom I’d had a “fling” (I will go into no more detail than that). A friend said, in a very loud voice, “Oh, so Blex violated you?” You know when the whole room goes quiet? Everyone knew exactly what she meant.

    8. What scares me? Way too personal to answer here.

    9. I have never, nor do I have the slightest intention of, doing a selfie. I just don’t get it.

    10. I don’t make cupcakes and when I did I wasn’t great at icing.

    11. Grab it by the balls and take everything it chucks your way. Life is good.

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    • I enjoy the educational bits in your posts, too! Yeah, I had reservations about putting my image/information online for similar reasons. But like you said, there tends to be a demand for a person to have some kind of online presence before you can be taken seriously (especially these days). But it can be tricky because of the exact situation you mentioned being in :/ Also, I’m guessing you stopped sharing secrets with the friend of yours who blurted that comment out…haha.


  3. I love you. Thank you for making me imagine a squirrel smashing a bottle over your social studies teacher’s head. Hilarious. I always think with Shakespeare though, what we think about him might not be what he expected to be remembered. He might have gone to his death bed thinking “yeah, Measure for Measure, loving that addition to English culture, go me”. Yet today, we’re all about the Hamlet and Macbeth. I’m overthinking things again.

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    • Thank you for giving me brain-wracking questions to answer 😀 It may be mean, but I’m of the opinion that my Social Studies teacher is deserving of such a bizarre fate. I agree with you about Shakespeare. I feel that way about all people whose thoughts have been immortalized somehow. Like you know in English class when your teacher asks you to interpret a poem? How can we possibly know what the writer wanted us to take from it? I do wonder what Shakespeare had hoped humanity would remember about him… Maybe that’s a question for another Liebsterer 🙂


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