Acton Town

Now that my fingers are warm enough to move properly, I can tell you about where I’ve been making all those angry phone calls in the cold from. Before I moved, I did some borough exploration to see where I fit best. I fell irrevocably in love with Hampstead (where I still plan to live someday), and found a chill artistic community in Shoreditch full of fun things. In the end though, I wound up moving to an area I’d never even heard of, but dig just the same.


Acton is right next door to Shepherd’s Bush — a stroll down the High Street/The Vale/Uxbridge will take you from one to the other — and is full of sweet little places to spend your money. The street I live on is of course lined with houses, but the street directly adjacent is lined with shops and restaurants. There’s a butcher, a few bakers, and probably a candlestick maker somewhere on that lane.


There’s an artisan wine shop, a Village Trading boutique with super cute bits and bobs, and grocery stores in both directions. I’m also 5 minutes walk from an overground station, and there’s an underground station about 15 minutes walk from me. A number of the shops are in transition; in fact, the whole neighborhood seems to be. I have a feeling it’s one of those up and coming areas, with its abundance of cafes and stroller-pushing, hipster adults. The houses are lovely, and everything is conveniently placed. There’s even a park steps from the overground station.

20150206_122305 20150206_122310 20150206_122343 20150206_122353 20150206_122426 20150206_122648 20150206_122654 20150206_122920

I don’t know much about Acton yet but what I do know, I like πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see how this place changes over time.

What’s your favorite thing about your neighborhood?

8 thoughts on “Acton Town

  1. It looks beautiful where you are, Gianni! I’ve never been to Acton before – only passing through on the tube, but your photos make me want to visit! Glad that you’ve found a place and that you’re settling in.


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