Poetry Pit Stop #3

Heart Skip
I’m looking for
4 new walls to hide behind
Get my joints sore
moving furniture
Get my mind racing
through To-Dos
New city
New job
New life
Buzzing my brain into
a state of burnout
so I won’t have cells left
to fill with thoughts of
and how you’d rather be with
laughing and sharing light
reflecting your best
off of one another like
moonlight lent
by the Sun
Can you hear the thumping
of this lonely heart?
Not beating to
a twin’s time
just repeating its own rhythm
playing pat-a-cake
with echoes
I would ask again if
you can hear it
But you’re too far away.

by ME. Hahaha.

Don’t read too much into this one. I didn’t move because of love gone wrong, haha. I’ve been looking forward to living in London for quite some time πŸ™‚ I’ve got a post coming about where I’m living now. I haven’t done as much exploring as I’d like to yet, but I’ve done enough to say I’m quite happy with where I am. Now that all the craziness of getting accounts settled and having actual heat in my flat is (mostly) over, I’ve started to enjoy where I am. Tomorrow, I’m seeing Ghost Stories at the Arts Theatre, and the day after, I’m FINALLY watching Inherent Vice!!! SO excited for this film. Ever since The Master, Joaquin Phoenix has held a very special place in my heart.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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