Life In an Igloo.

Hey y’all.

Just posting to let you know I’m alive. I’m posting from my new flat (yay), but can barely feel my fingers (boo) because my boiler is busted and it’s freezing. Finding it hard to be excited about this place right now since the boiler’s not the only problem and getting the bills set up hasn’t been as easy as I hoped. Happy to say, though, that I’ll have internet starting Thursday (I made my phone a hotspot in order to type this), and my electricity is sorted. Whoever was here last apparently racked up a gas debt, and the company who services my flat has to get that taken care of before transferring the account to me. In the meantime, I got a regular gas card to use with my pre-pay meter (something I’ve never encountered before). If only the boiler were working :/

In other (annoying) news, it costs sooooooo much more to bring pets over than I ever dreamed. And for the life of me I can’t figure out where this money is going. I’m flying back to the States on the 17th and had everything arranged for my cats to travel back with me. Their shots, their microchips, their paperwork: all handled from my end. I’m bringing them to the airport, taking the same flight as them, and bringing them through border clearance on the other side. If I’m doing all of this, the only thing I could conceivably be paying the airline for is to allow my pets to take up space on their craft (which they assured me they have plenty of for pets b/c no others are booked for that flight), and to top up their water during the flight. Maybe even keep them company. I’m providing my own carriers. Water dishes. Everything they need. Why then would it cost me a total of £1565 to have them fly in cargo on that flight? This cost includes £359 worth of “arrival fees.” I’m currently looking for less expensive options. I can’t leave them with my friend any longer. Any advice on bringing pets over without obliterating your bank account is totally welcome.

All in all, I’ve gotten off to a rougher start in London than expected. Then again, most things don’t turn out how you think they will, do they?

I hope all of you are well — I have LOTS of blog-reading to catch up on! I’ll do a real post about the flat and my new neighborhood once I get everything settled. Fingers crossed for that to be soon.

Later, dudez.

15 thoughts on “Life In an Igloo.

  1. Oh Gianni! You poor thing! No boiler in this weather! And all that money to bring your babies over!!!! I have no experience of that so I can’t make any useful suggestions I’m afraid, I hope someone else can. I’m keeping everything crossed for you.


    • Thanks Susan! Boiler’s working fine. Now there’s just the matter of that debt being cleared… but luckily that has nothing to do with me! I found a slightly less expensive option for bringing the munchkins over (and I mean slightly) — I’m going with British Airways. Every other quote I received just got more and more expensive. I can’t believe how much businesses/people charge for that! I’m flying Virgin Atlantic, so I’ll either arrive earlier or later than them, but at least they’ll be here! Now to find a job to replenish my funds…


  2. THANK GOODNESS. I was legit worried about you!!! I’m so sorry to hear you’re not having a great start though. What area have you moved to (or you don’t have to say here if you don’t want to!)? I don’t have any advice re: pets unfortunately but I could ask on Twitter if it helps?? Let me know if I can give advice on anything else though! Good luck! Everything will work out.


    • Sorry to worry you, Jaime! This week has indeed been hellish in ways I didn’t foresee, but now I’ve finally got most of the issues worked out. I’m just gonna go with British Airways for my cats. It’s the cheapest option I’ve found so far. Now I really hope I get to stay here long-term — I do NOT want to go through this nonsense again anytime soon. I don’t know if you’re a UK citizen or not, but how do/have you deal(t) with paying US taxes as a UK resident? I could use some guidance on that! I’ll be writing about where I live in my next post! Now that I’m here, maybe I’ll meet you in person one day (instead of cheering you on from a balcony seat lol)!


    • Thanks so much, Chiara! I’m glad to be back 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up on what you and my other favorite bloggers have been up to in the last couple of weeks! I now live in a heated flat, which is amazing. After this experience, I’ll forever see living spaces with working utilities as the luxuries they truly are.


  3. Jamie Gunter from Gunters Abroad brought her pets over from America. She might have a suggestion? Sorry about your cold flat 😦 Pre-paid meters are the worst because they always run out when the shops are closed. However, there should be an “emergency” supply that you’re allowed to turn on when you’re running negative (as long as it’s not too negative). It might have how to turn on the emergency on the side of your meter (it did on my old one) Hope that helps at all 😦 xx


    • I used the emergency supply when I first moved in 😦 When I put £10 into the meter (and the meter ate it), I did get heat for a little while. But that was the emergency gas. The meter apparently charges a certain number of pence per day (either 26 or 6, I can’t remember) on top of whatever you pay for what you use, and that amount just kept building and building while the apartment sat empty. So when I got here, the amount owed on the meter was almost £30 :/ Luckily, the gas company said they’d refund what I put in, and they also sent a code to erase the rest of that amount from my meter so I could just pay for the gas I’m using. I really wish I’d done some research on this before moving here… but at least it’s over with and I’m no longer living like a cave person. xx


  4. ‘Liking’ the post, but not liking, if you get what I mean. Nothing ever runs smoothly when it comes to moving in London. London has this thing about making you her bitch before she’ll let you begin to enjoy life again and live like a normal person…. It’s tiring but true!


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