Poetry Pit Stop #2 and A Tiny List of Tiny Pleasures

More foolin’ around with words:

The Hard Way
Every goddamned thing
that’s river stone smooth,
I bypass
in favor of jagged rocks.
I like to cut the
thick skin of my feet,
pull back
the curtain on my red,
suffering soles,
leaving sticky footprints,
A map of vexation;
sticking pins:
Here I cried
Here I laughed
Here I tried
Here lies
one more layer
of sensitive reason
scraped free.
I have time to dream
of the things I want but don’t have.
Time to smile on them
like memories,
when I know they’re no such thing.
Time to carry them
in sleep,
nudging them awake.
Be real
Be true
Let me live the painted life that hangs
scene by scene,
frame by frame.
A solo show
the artist hides with her body
but demands
you try harder to see.

Β© 2014 Gianni Washington (heh…)

Sometimes, I manage to savor the mundane things that make me happy. I know it’s what we’re “supposed to do” anyway, but I feel genuine pride when I accomplish it. Little things like:

1. My room smelling like vanilla when I walk in.

2. My bed when it’s made.

3. Being smack in the middle of laughing at something HI-larious.

4. Finishing a book.

5. Making noticeable headway on my thesis.

6. Having a full refrigerator.

7. Listening to a new song by an artist I love and getting goosebumps because it’s so good.

8. Walking into a restaurant alone and not caring.

9. Making someone else laugh.

10. Seeing pictures of my cats. (Yeah…I went there.)

What would make your list?

Happy Monday πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Poetry Pit Stop #2 and A Tiny List of Tiny Pleasures

  1. I love the poem! My list would include the smell of freshly mown grass, watching a rough sea, cats Γ nd other animals, completing a piece of work and knowing it’s the best it can be,..


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