Getting the Lead Out

All day Saturday, I stayed locked in my room like the recluse I truly am inside.


Near the end of the night, I decided to draw up an itinerary for Sunday in order to avoid a repeat. I already had plans to see Jaime perform at Cadogan Hall Sunday evening, so I found a few other things to do to fill my day further (and force myself out of the house earlier).


I’d heard about Electric Cinema before moving to England and had been anxious to check it out. I can’t say no to any movie-going experience that involves food — REAL food — and alcohol enjoyed in comfy chairs. My matinee movie adventure took place in the Portobello Road location (there’s another Electric Cinema in Shoreditch). I know, I know… I basically moved from one dark room to another. But this one had other people in it, too!

There are three different seating options: armchairs (the most plentiful and least expensive), 2-person sofas (back row of the theatre), and a row of beds for 2 up front. I arrived just in time to get some food and drink from the bar, which is conveniently located in the theatre room. The bar closes when the film starts, so it’s best to get your order in ASAP. I went for the honey fried chicken (delicious), a glass of prosecco, a half-pint of Heineken (to have on hand for later), and an eensy weensy 3.5-4oz cup of salted caramel ice cream. As in any movie theatre, the concessions were hella expensive when added all together, especially when you throw in the cost of an armchair ticket — Β£15.50 (which is the member price. But for “Electric Sunday” and Monday screenings, non-members also pay this price for an armchair; any other day of the week, non-members pay Β£18).

The movie I saw was one I hadn’t even heard of until I bought the ticket: Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as partners (romantic and business) who run a 1920s era lumber company in North Carolina. Serena is a slow burn type of film that uses the bulk of the run-time to build emotional tension and layer upon layer of internal struggle. Bradley Cooper was fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence did all the right things, but for some reason, it’s harder for me to suspend disbelief when she plays a character in a period film. She never quite blends in all the way. When she’s playing a character of her own time (Silver Linings Playbook) or one where there aren’t era rules because the movie’s set in an alternate reality (Hunger Games) she seems more comfortable.

Overall, it was an excellent cinema experience (my chair was sooooo comfortable) — albeit one I can only afford to have twice a year.


After that, I headed over to Islington to check out a tattoo shop I’ve been wanting to make an appointment at. I’d never been to Islington before. The tiny section I saw of it was lovely.


On my way to the shop, I walked past the theatre where Edward Scissorhands will be performed (starting today!) until January 11th. I’m on the fence about seeing it. If any of you do, let me know how you liked it!

I didn’t spend much time in Islington because I needed to hightail it over to Sloane Square for the performance of War Requiem at Cadogan Hall. I had actually visited Sloane Square before, years ago… but never at Christmastime.


I love these decorations SO. MUCH. I actually gasped when I walked out of the train station. I snapped far more photos of this than necessary and totally gave myself away as a non-native, but I don’t care — it’s purdy.

The performance was excellent (awesome job, Jaime!). I’d gone there simply expecting to hear an orchestra play, but there was also beautiful singing from three soloists, a choir of adults, and a children’s choir. The children did so well, and kept their composure throughout the entire performance (pretty impressive for little ‘uns). Jaime details the performance in a blog post. Take a look!

I didn’t see or do as much as I could have Sunday, but I definitely did more than the nothing I did on Saturday. More importantly, I found a few more parts of London that I’m eager to explore. I can’t wait to LIVE there and not have to plan my days around my commute home.


Later, y’all πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Getting the Lead Out

  1. Sounds great! I agree with you about the Christmas lights at Sloane Square, and Islington… There’s an old pub, not far from where you took the photograph. I’d just love to be able to buy it and live in it. I could do so much with it.


  2. I haven’t heard of that movie, but I agree about Jennifer Lawrence.
    We have gold class at home and I would go once or twice a year with a friend (normally for a harry potter movie haha) and the armchairs were soooo comfy and the food was so yummy. i don’t think i could do a bed though, that’s weird!


  3. Thanks so much for linking to my post, Gianni, and more importantly – coming to the concert! I totally took a photo of the lights as soon as I came out of the concert, on my way to dinner at Cote next door. πŸ™‚


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