Liebster Awaaaaard!!!

I was lucky enough to be nominated by the blogstress over at Wandering Grad for a Liebster Award! Thanks, Samantha!


A Bit About the Award:

“Liebster is a word with German origins meaning dearest, sweetest, kindest, and beloved. The Liebster Award exists only on the internet, and is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. The award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. The purpose of the Liebster Award is to recognize and discover upcoming talent in the blogosphere through a Pay it Forward initiative.”

Ze Rules:

  • You must link back to the person who nominated you (but cannot nominate them).
  • You must answer the 10 questions given to the nominee before you.
  • You must select a few blogs with under 200 followers to answer your 10 questions.

The Questions:

1. Favorite quote? I’m always copying and pasting quotes that inspire me. The latest and greatest of these I found in a recent post by A Writer’s Path. In fact, I’ve picked up a few current favorites from that blog. My MOST favorite right now is:
“What is to give light must endure burning.” — Viktor Frankl

2. What film or book genre do you think your life is? What do you want it to be? My life is firmly planted in the Psychological Horror genre these days, bahaha. I wouldn’t mind creeping into Romance territory…

3. What’s at the top of your bucketlist? Honestly, my answer to this is “Be genuinely happy.” There are any number of activities I hope to/would enjoy doing, and personal goals that I have. But what I want to accomplish most before I bite it is to be completely happy with and proud of myself. If you want a less vague answer, I’d say being the mom and best friend of a happy, healthy child who grows into a fulfilled adult.

4. If you were made ruler of a country, would you accept the position? Why or why not? I would accept if it meant I could grant people the autonomy to live as they see fit (murder and abuse aside). Also if it meant I’d have honest, top-notch advisers working with/for me. I’d want to ensure no one’s rights are unfairly taken or encroached upon and that people get help when they need it. But really, a lot of world leaders might have intended the same…

5. If you had to choose a singular location to live for the rest of your life, where would you choose? If I could choose ANY place to live, I’d choose either J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world or the spirit world in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. If it has to be a real place, I’d choose London (of the places I’ve been).

6. What current celebrity or popular figure would you be incredibly torn up over if they were to die right now? Aaliyah was the only celebrity whose death REALLY bothered me. There aren’t any current celebrities (per se) who I’d be particularly torn up over. A known, living figure whose death would really hurt me is Hayao Miyazaki who I don’t really count as a “celebrity” (though I suppose he is popular in the world of animation) but whose work has touched so many people. He is a true creator of magical worlds. I appreciate his talent, his mind, and his stories so much.

7. What is your favorite mode of transportation? (bus, train, plane, boat, bike, rollerblades, etc…) Trains. They’re fast enough to get you where you need to go, but slow enough that you can watch the world go by without feeling like you’ve missed something.

8. Do you think your favorite beverage (tea, coffee, wine, whatever) says a lot about you as a person? Yes, but I’d rather not say what that beverage is or what it says about me, hahaha.

9. Who is your role model (real or fictional)?  Career and love-wise, Neil Gaiman. He owns his weirdness, found his audience, makes work he’s truly proud of and excited about, and has a partner with whom he shares SO. MUCH. mutual love and respect. Neil Gaiman + Amanda Palmer 5EVER. In general though, I’m trying to be my own role model each day. As much as I admire what Neil Gaiman (or any of my heroes) has/does, I can’t compare myself or my journey with anyone else(‘s). I just want to be the best version of myself possible, and I think that’s something I have to figure out on my own.

10. What song would you sing for a reality television show audition, and why? Right now, I’m gonna saaayyyyy… “Love Me Harder” by Ariana Grande. Or “Lies” by Glen Hansard.

That was fun! Even if it took me an inordinate amount of time to come up with my answers to these questions, lol. Can I add “Stop thinking so much” to the top of my bucket list? Anyhoo… here are my questions:

1. What is your spirit animal?
2. What one item do you have to have with you every day?
3. What song makes you happy every single time you hear it, no matter the circumstance?
4. If you could play anyone in a film or on stage, who would it be?
5. What’s your least favorite word (in any language you choose)? Why?
6. How do you think a stranger who observed a day in your life would describe you?
7. What place you’ve never visited do you think you’d enjoy the most? Why?
8. What nickname would you give yourself?
9. If you could choose any famous building/monument to live in, which would it be?
10. What’s your favorite late night snack?

Here are my nominees!:
Wine And Olives
Susan Shirley
Everyday Striving
Beas Louise
Glimpse of Chay

And if anyone else wants to chime in and answer some of these questions, feel free! I’d love to read your answers 😉

18 thoughts on “Liebster Awaaaaard!!!

    • I haven’t seen Neverwhere yet, but I’ve heard great things about it! I love them together so so so so so much. They plug each other’s projects, they physically go and support each other and get involved in what the other person does, and sometimes they just put out random messages of love to each other that feel so genuine. UGH. They’re great.


  1. I have only read one of Neil Gaiman’s books so I didn’t know about him and Amanda Palmer but after a quick google, they are so cute! I loved reading this post and learning more about you – but I do want to know the drink! Also, your bucket list item is basically my life long dream – Be genuinely happy. it’s all that matters in the end!


    • Please please read The Ocean at the End of the Lane (if that’s not the one you’ve already read)! I think you’d like it. Happiness is the goal everyday, right? It really is all that matters. I’m keeping the drink a secret hahaha If I ever get to meet you in person, I’ll tell you then 😀


  2. “To be genuinely happy”, what a beautiful goal. Same here. I feel like I get closer every day with each small piece of gratitude.

    Just found your blog today, it’s great! I used to live in Surrey for a while. I loved it there. Close enough to the city but far enough away.



    • Thanks so much (for reading and for the compliment)! Gratitude — that’s exactly it. I definitely need to work on focusing on the positive and disregarding the negative in life. I’m sure a lot of people do 🙂

      Surrey’s great! Especially for walking. I do plan to move to London though. I miss the convenience of cities!


    • I’m excited to read your answers to my questions! And I hope you find at least one blog from my list of nominees that you like 🙂

      My heart breaks every time Chihiro lets go of Haku’s hand at the end. I just want to yell “Stay with him! Your parents are jerks!” haha


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