Everything that can go wrong, will.

Y’all… just… Y’ALL.

I woke up this morning, and got online to check the tracking info for my passport. Nothing new since its arrival in Charlotte at 7:00PM and its subsequent departure from that station 6 minutes later. After first receiving that update yesterday, I cancelled my initial flight (at hella expense) and re-booked for this evening because I’d been told by the post office that I should receive my package the next day if it reaches them before their deadline. This morning, after calling the ASKUSPS and Tracking phone numbers only to find that they are having “technical difficulties,” I call my local post office and am given confirmation that if it arrived in Charlotte last night, my package should indeed be delivered to me today. I rearrange my luggage. I take a shower. At 10:30AM, I check the tracking site again.

“You’re package has been returned to sender due to insufficient address at 8:26AM.”


I literally screamed.

I re-dial the local office (which I had first called after this last scan supposedly happened, yet the update was NOWHERE to be found on the tracking site until an hour or so later). The line is busy. I redial. The line is busy. I redial 15 more times. Busybusybusy. I want to destroy the earth. I call the USPS Help line. I’m told that I should call my local post office before they succeed in returning the package. Mind you, this conversation is happening about 2.5 hours AFTER the scan saying they had done just that, so I was in the midst of a MAJOR conniption. I call the local office again. I’m put on hold. Twice. Finally, someone manages to wrangle the guy who scanned my package last, and he tells me the address written doesn’t exist. I say, “Yes, it does. I’m calling you from it.” He asks if it’s a new development, and I say it is. He looks it up again, and says the zip code is wrong and that’s why he scanned it the way he did. When I first moved here, I believed my current address was in one zip code, but was told by Time Warner when they came to install that it came up under another. Therefore, the new zip code is what I wrote on the mailing label. However, the actual zip code is the one I’d initially believed it to be.

My main gripe in all this is that I, someone who does NOT work for the post office, am able to go onto the USPS website, put in an address without a zip code, and the site will spit out what zip code said address belongs in. If I’m able to do this, WHY DIDN’T THE POSTAL WORKER DO THIS? Instead of putting the entire address, as-written on the label, into your system and slapping a “Return to Sender” label on it when no matches are found, WHY oh WHY would you not then enter the address on its own to see if a different zipcode comes up?! Obviously he was capable of doing this because he did it when I called! Not only did the man label the package as “Undeliverable as addressed,” but he also checked “No such number” and “No such street,” neither of which is true.

Luckily for me, the package was still at the post office where they scanned it last. So:

Photo on 9-24-14 at 1.06 PM #2

This is my “I am completely, f***ing exhausted” face. This has been the most ridiculous week of my life…and it’s only Wednesday.

But I can finally say with 10000000% confidence that I. AM. OUTTA HERE.

See you in England!!!!

12 thoughts on “Everything that can go wrong, will.

  1. Oh My God! I thought this sort of nonsense only happened here (and sorry to say am glad it does not but sad for you). I dare not go into my diatribe about lack of customer service, you don’t have enough years left in your (hopefully) very long life, but if anyone ever does wasn’t a Very Grumpy Old Woman’s point if view…. Here’s hoping it’s been rough noiew so it’s all plain sailing when you get here. 🙂


    • I really hope you’re right and the rough patches were just meant to help me appreciate every good thing that happens in the future. And, oh no — bad customer service can certainly be found in the States. What’s funny (now; it wasn’t funny at the time) is that the guy who scanned it wanted to impress upon me that the whole thing was my fault and not his for putting the wrong zip code, despite the fact that someone who works in a post office should be able to fix that relatively easily by looking up the correct info rather than lazily deciding to return a package. But it all worked out in the end! 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh, what a drama! I can’t believe the incompetence of the postal workers that they couldn’t just search for the correct post code. It just shows that you can be a good company but still have crappy workers… and vice versa!
    So pleased for you that your passport is finally with you and that you are able to travel. I’m assuming you already hopped on your flight now and have maybe even landed the other end?! So I am looking forward to hear how your move goes :).


    • I have made it to England!!! The nonsense beforehand made me want to punch holes in the walls, but everything’s been great so far, so I’m just happy things worked out. I think that guy might have been overwhelmed by his workload and decided to be lazy with my package so he could move onto something he thought was more important. But you never know what’s in a package, so you’d think postal workers would be especially thorough. Ah, well; I’m here and I’m happy 🙂


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