Aaaaand I’m (almost) off!

I was approved for my visa last Wednesday, and emailed about my approval on Friday. However, I didn’t find out until today because said email did not arrive in my inbox until this morning at 11:11 AM.


My passport didn’t come today, and I wanted to change my flight just to be safe because there is no tracking info available yet (although it could arrive tomorrow in time for me to make my original flight), but the agency I booked through requires an outrageous fee to change flights which will likely come out to more than what I already paid for my ticket. I’ve spent the last few days tearing my hair out because I hadn’t heard anything about my visa so while I’m (VERY) happy to know it’s been approved, I’m not quite out of the woods yet.

But I AM leaving!


My family had a going away party for me on Saturday. It was really great to see aunts, uncles, and cousins I hadn’t caught up with in a while. I was especially happy to see my first, guy cousin on my mom’s side. He has a sister who is 12 years younger than us. But before she came along, we were both only-children and spent a lot of our time having adventures together. We planned businesses together, performed songs in my basement together, ran around neighborhoods together, and got in trouble together (although it was mostly him who got in trouble). He was my sibling stand-in, my little brother (by 4 months πŸ™‚ ). At the after-party, he toasted me, told me how proud he was, and called me his first sister. Needless to say, I cried like a baby.

I had such a great time this weekend. Despite some negative opinions of what I’m doing, I did get to spend time with a few really supportive people I truly care about and will miss. I can’t believe it’s come down to the wire like this, and I kind of want to run around screaming and smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat. Instead, I’ll take some calming breaths (OK, I’m gonna need to take about 10,000 calming breaths) and keep telling myself that I’m almost — ALMOST — at the finish line, and that that’s a great thing.



11 thoughts on “Aaaaand I’m (almost) off!

    • Glad to know others have dealt with their own visa woes and come out sane on the other side πŸ™‚ You’re right — soon! Very soon! The negativity was mostly from family members whose age and religious beliefs are such that any further pursuit of secular education seems pointless to them. An Arts education even more-so. But they don’t have to understand why I’m doing this. I’m taking this step for me, and that’s what matters πŸ™‚


  1. yay for almost! i remember this process, not fun at all, anything that can go wrong will! and girl I am the queen of dealing with negative opinions – well not dealing with them but i had plenty! people suck lol


    • Yes! Hooray for “almost!” I’m celebrating “almost” because for now, it’s all I’ve got, haha XD I had been warned that this process could be a bear, but I was hoping I’d still have hair by the end of it. That part’s not looking so good, haha. And yes, people DO suck sometimes. But for every sucky person, there are at least a few supportive ones (like everyone who reads and comments here!) who I truly appreciate πŸ™‚


  2. Oh my gosh, what a total visa & passport nightmare. I know it will probably all be fine but I also know exactly how it feels to be at the “mercy” of some official company who take FOREVER with documents that are extremely important to you! I am keeping my fingers crossed you get the all clear for your flight!


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