7 thoughts on “Awwwww Yeeeaaaahhhhh.

  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog. Have just read some of yours, it’s great. Good luck for your move to England. I’d ask whereabouts in Surrey you’re going to be (I was brought up in Surrey) but (a) this is online, and (b) it sounds a bit stalker-ish. And I’m not a stalker, honestly. Surrey is lovely, well, most of it. And not too far from London. If you can afford to live there, believe me, London is not far behind.


    • Thank you for the follow back! I was happy to find your blog and learn more about life in England from another perspective 🙂 And I appreciate your propriety regarding where I’ll be living, haha. I don’t mind saying though that I’ll be in Guildford.


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