I got my accommodation offer last week and just need to pay the deposit to secure it. Putting a deposit on what is essentially a dorm room seems a little strange (not to mention a surprise expense — I didn’t find out about it until I received the offer), but I’m happy knowing that one piece of the puzzle is taken care of. I got my second choice for accommodation. My first choice was one of the newer, studio units they have on campus. It has a full-sized bed, a cute little dining table and two chairs, a private bathroom, and (my favorite part) a kitchenette. TOTALLY self-contained, like a true apartment. I figured me getting assigned one of the 40 units available was a long-shot, so I’m not altogether surprised by the outcome.

The units are in bands — A thru F (with F being the most expensive option, the studio, and A being the least). As you descend from F to A, you lose an amenity or two. The room I got is Band E and, although it lacks a kitchenette and a full-sized bed, I still get my own private bathroom (with shower!) and a mini-fridge. Works for me! Besides, the most important perk that you get no matter what band you choose (excluding some Band A rooms) is that your room is YOUR room. Unlike in the States, the number of shared rooms on campus is minimal compared to rooms for one. As a shy, awkward human being who enjoys winding down privately and reciting lines from TV shows/movies as I watch them, this is CRAZY convenient. I’m really looking forward to settling into the space I’m given and making it my own, even if it’s only temporary.

I’m actually planning to move off-campus after the first term because:

1621731_10101826942204998_379963301_n 1798477_10101857982040918_2136646392_n

These are my munchkins, Cornelius/Neal (the black cat) and Choko.

Right now, they’re staying with a friend. I’m currently staring down the barrel of the wallet-murdering option of boarding them while I live on campus, which is also not my favorite plan because I’d be transporting them to yet another new place where we’d be apart (again) for an extended period. Traveling is especially hard on animals. And it doesn’t matter how far or for how long — they don’t know where you’re taking them, and that’s the scary part. Before adopting Choko, I took Neal to a friend’s house for a “play-date” with another black cat because I felt bad about leaving him home alone during the day. He was so stressed out that by the time we got home, clumps of his fur were falling out and he stayed huddled on my chest for 45 minutes. I felt so bad! With all the moving we’ve already done in the past year and a half, I’m VERY hesitant to put them through it again so soon. But no one I know is in the market for long-term cat-roomies, so we don’t really have much choice. I’m hoping for a late surge of brilliance to hit my brain and a winning alternative to magically become clear to me. Or maybe I’ll just burn some incense and do a rain dance.

2 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. Ahh, it’s SUCH a relief to have a definite place. I understand about the fur babies too though. Good luck getting them back in the house as soon as possible. πŸ™‚


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