“There are far, far better things ahead…

…than any we leave behind.”

Image credit: Simon Prades

Image credit: Simon Prades

The above is apparently a quote by the author C.S. Lewis. I’ve always believed that sentiment to be true. But looking back on how things have turned out in the past, I’m not always so sure it is true. However, I haven’t completely given up on that belief, which is why I worked so hard to be able to move to England.

Living abroad is a goal I’ve had for a very long time, and when the London air first hit my lungs, I knew that’s where I had to live. I felt like I could be myself there. As I’ve said (in my blurb on the “Introductions” page), I won’t be able to live in London right away. But I’ll be closer to doing so than ever before and, for now, that’s enough. After all, I have plenty else to achieve in the meantime.

There’s a lot I’ll be leaving behind, but I’m not particularly sad about it; I know my life lies ahead. And thanks to the level of tech we currently have access to, I can stay in touch with the people I’ll miss. Like anyone who picks up their life and sets it down elsewhere, it’s not only people I’m leaving behind, but past experiences and versions of myself that weren’t quite right as well. Cheddar-cheesy as it sounds, each day is a new chance to bring your goals and your best self into better focus. In fact, it’s the opportunity for a clean slate that keeps me going whenever I encounter disappointment.

So even if you’re not changing cities, states, or continents, each day is another chance. For what?

Whatever you want.

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