To start with…


I’ve attempted blogging a few times before, but always managed to let it slip through my fingers eventually. I hope this time will be different. In fact, I’m making a solemn pledge to you (yes, YOU; the one person who decided on a whim to investigate the small speck of space occupied by my blog on the interwebz) that I’ll really make an effort this time. I’ll also try to keep things interesting.

As of yesterday, I’ve officially been granted the status of “unconditionally accepted” student at the school I’ll be attending this fall. Since I haven’t even been given my CAS  (a.k.a. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number yet, I’ll have to wait to be able to apply for my Tier 4 student visa. I was conditionally accepted way back in November. But now that I’m “officially” accepted, I should have the CAS number fairly soon. The only reason it took this long was because the school’s automated system for sending requests for recommendation letters was on the fritz. So my referees never received requests/upload links for recommendation letters, which was the only remaining piece of my puzzle as an applicant. Now that that’s (FINALLY) taken care of, I can begin the nerve-racking process of applying/waiting for my visa.


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